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Create your web radio easily

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If you are passionate about internet radio or want to enter this field, you are on the right path. In this article, we offer you everything you need to know to create your own radio station broadcast online. Discover throughout this guide what a web radio is, how it works, as well as all the materials necessary to create your web radio easily.

Create your web radio easily

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Summary of the article 👇

Radio was born in the 1800s. The first radio stations then saw the light of day in 1920. Radio therefore saw the light of day well before television. Its success does not fade despite the passage of time and evolution.

Several actors have meanwhile contributed to making radio still very popular, citing for example the Louvre Abu Dhabi which, in 2018, set up the “Highway Gallery” combining radio, information and art.

Radio therefore continues to enjoy great success. In addition, it knows how to follow developments, because if in the past there were only physical stations that use the terrestrial wave , now there are internet radio stations .

A web radio: What is it?

Webradio is quite simply online radio . It is therefore possible to listen to it on the Internet and not on a traditional radio. Listeners can listen to the broadcast via a computer , a tablet, a Smartphone or even a connected speaker.

The first web radio was created in 1995. It is “Radio HK”. The technology used at that time was based on audio conferencing . The internet radio uses CU-SeeMe. As a server, it operated RealAudio from RealNetworks. Now, there are several web radios including those of traditional radios and those of independents.

A web radio is a more modern version of the radios of yesteryear. In short, it's a radio, but it only works online. It allows you to set up programs which can then be broadcast automatically using software . It also allows you to do live broadcasts . Moreover, it is this last functionality which is the most popular when we talk about web radio.

How to create your own web radio easily?
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Several web radios on the Net

Online radio, also called webradio or web-radio, has become very popular. Unlike traditional radios, they do not need radio equipment (receiver, transmitter, etc.). You just need a computer , a mobile or a WiFi radio as well as an internet connection to listen to the radio.

Since this concept has become very trendy, many traditional radio stations have gotten involved, citing for example RTL which broadcasts “les Grosses Têtes” online. This is also the case for Radio Plus, RMC radio, France Bleu, France Musique, Nostalgie, France Culture, RFI, FIP, BFM radio, NRJ Dance, etc.

What has made online radios even more popular is the presence of free web radios like Dancefloor which allows you to listen to live radio online for free. Among the programs offered are hip-hop, disco hits, pop-rock, electro, rap, reggae, etc.

Please note that there are also online radio stations for toddlers, for example Pomme D'Api or even entertainment radio such as Rire et Chansons (humor, sketches, etc.). These are just examples as there are several online. There are French radios, but also Moroccan (Amazigh, etc.), American (USA FM, etc.) and many others.

It is also possible to find a general radio station , a French associative radio station, or even a themed radio station. The latter is the most common. Among the themed radio stations, there is for example Jazz Radio, Funk, Aac, Mix and Chérie FM. All you have to do is go to a search engine to consult the list of online radio stations as well as the available RSS feeds.

You can also listen to a replay by searching for the MHz frequency of the radio in question, choosing the program that interests you, downloading it and playing it via a Windows media player for example.

Launch a web radio project
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By the way, you can also consult our guide on the essentials for getting started in a home studio . Discover through this guide everything you need to know about the studio microphone, as well as the equipment needed to get started in a home studio.

How an internet radio works

With an internet radio, you have the choice between an automated program and a live . If you don't want to go live, you can prepare your programs on your computer. You can then schedule them to play automatically. To do this, define a radio program and indicate it in your radio manager.

The latter will take care of sending your program to the radio server you have chosen. The server will then automatically execute the program following the instructions indicated by the radio manager. Once executed, the program will be accessible to listeners using a listening link, an extension or a plugin for example.

If you want to go live, you can retrieve access from the radio server through your host. Using an encoder or broadcast software, you can communicate with the radio server and broadcast the radio stream live. It will be the host who will be responsible for retrieving the stream. It will then make it available to listeners using a live listening link .

Note that with an internet radio, it is possible to do both automatic and live broadcasting . You can start automatic broadcasting. When you want to go live, you can simply program the radio manager so that it can take care of sending the musical programming to the radio server.

He can then interrupt the automatic broadcast to replace it with a live broadcast. To carry out these actions, it needs broadcasting software . At the end of the live broadcast, the automatic program will resume.

Why create your own web radio?

Web radio is now among the most popular media as it allows you to communicate easily, without being buried by overly commercial or even overly musical programming. It's also a better way to attract listeners . In fact, listening to radio on the internet is now more practical, because it is possible to do it almost anywhere, on a PC or on a mobile.

Launch your own web radio
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No more need for an FM tuner, Dab or even RNT. All online radios are accessible in just a few clicks, without the need for a specific radio station. Listeners can therefore listen to radio stations in the best possible conditions.

Launching your own digital radio allows you to share your good mood, to talk about a theme that is close to your heart, to share your passion. Know that you can also make radio profitable and transform it into a source of income . Do you want to get started on this kind of project? How to create your own web radio easily?

Create your web radio easily: how to do it?

There are several training courses that can help you if you want to create an online radio station easily . The Versailles Academy offers them, for example. The CLEMI or Information Media Liaison and Education Center also offers support if you need help on this subject.

The Internet is also full of several tutorials and online training courses for creating an internet radio. Otherwise, you can also consult this article. The materials needed to easily create your own web radio are presented there. You will even find advice on choosing your equipment. Added to this is information on editing, the necessary budget and advice on monetizing online radio.

Equip yourself with the necessary materials

To create your own web radio easily, you need an ADSL connection, but also various equipment. You will need a microphone for the radio if you want to provide quality sound. You will also need a mixing board and computers. If the recording takes place outside, it is better to choose a portable audio interface to connect the microphone, headphones, etc. Otherwise, an internet radio also needs software for connection.

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How to choose the microphone for your web radio?

There are a wide variety of microphones on the market. To easily create your own internet radio, you need a quality microphone. To get one, you have to take into account a few criteria, including directivity, connectivity, shockproof capsule and pop filter.

  • Directivity

Directivity is important because it determines the sensitivity of the microphone in relation to the source of the sound. An omnidirectional microphone picks up sound from all sides. A cardioid microphone is more practical for an internet radio since it generally picks up sound coming from the front. If you're going to talk with two people, you can choose a bidirectional microphone that picks up sound from the front and back.

  • Connectivity

How to create your own web radio easily? Have a microphone that has the necessary connections. It must have an XLR connection. This way, you can easily connect it to a mixer.

If you want to connect the microphone to a computer, a microphone model with a USB port will do the trick. Just note that the power supply also depends on the type of microphone used. For a condenser microphone, for example, you need phantom power unlike a dynamic microphone.

  • The shockproof capsule and the pop filter

Opt for a microphone with a shockproof capsule . Thanks to this element, you can easily attach your internet radio microphone to a support. In the meantime, you can isolate it from all vibrations. The sound thus remains stable and isolated from all disturbing noises.

The ideal is also a microphone with an integrated pop filter. This element will reduce vocal sibilance , extraneous noise , etc. If the chosen microphone does not have this filter, you must purchase one, which may impact your budget.

Best microphone for internet radio
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  • The best microphones for an internet radio station

If you are having trouble choosing your microphone , below is a list of the best models that you can find on the market.

  • The T.Bone SC 400: If you have a limited budget but you need a good microphone to create your internet radio, the T.Bone SC 400 microphone may interest you. It costs around €50 . It is a condenser microphone. It therefore needs additional accessories to function, such as phantom power, for example.
  • Rode Podcaster: The Rode Podcaster microphone is dynamic. It is perfect for getting started with an internet radio station. It has a USB connection for easy linking to a computer. It does not need any additional audio interface. It costs around €175 .
  • Shure SM7B: The Shure SM7B dynamic microphone is one of the favorite models of radio presenters. It is also complete, it offers excellent value for money. You can afford this professional microphone with a budget of around €355 .
  • Sennheiser MD 421-II: This is a dynamic microphone perfect for a host who wants to do a podcast or launch an internet radio station. The Sennheiser MD 421-II microphone is very versatile. We can say that it is affordable even though it costs around €400 , because it is a high-end quality microphone.
  • Electrovoice RE20 : This is a dynamic type microphone. It's a favorite among talk show hosts. It costs around €555 . The Neumann BCM-705 is also an alternative to this model since it costs around €575 even though it displays almost the same characteristics.
  • Neumann BCM-104: If you are looking for a professional microphone to create your web radio, you can invest around €1,000 . With such a budget, you can treat yourself to the Neumann BCM-104 for example.

How to choose the mixer?

With a mixer, you can connect all your devices. This also allows you to manage entries easily . You can choose a digital or analog mixer. It all depends on your budget. Remember to consider the number of table entries when choosing.

Entries depend on the devices and equipment you want to use. The ports on the mixer are also to be taken into account. Finally, don't forget to opt for a model with a USB interface . Without it, you will not be able to connect the mixing console to a computer.

How to choose the mixer?
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You can also choose the table according to your budget:

  • If you have a small budget , you can choose the Behringer XENYX 802 mixer (2 microphone inputs), T.Mix mix 802 (4 inputs) or the T.Mix xmix 1402 FX USB (more than 4 inputs).
  • If you have an average budget : you can turn to the Yamaha MG06YEM mixer, the Behringer XENYX X1204USB console or the Mackie 1402 VLZ4.
  • If you have the means : you can choose professional mixing desks like a Robe Caster Pro or a Yamaha MG16XU.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to be able to make a web radio outside : you can opt for an iRig Pre for example.

Which headset for online radio?

You need headphones for your online radio studio. The choice of your headphones is important, because this equipment allows you to know if the broadcast is of quality or if there are adjustments to be made. To choose well, you must take into account a few criteria, including type and comfort.

For the type, you will have to choose between an open helmet and a closed helmet . Open headphones offer better sound reproduction. Closed headphones isolate you from surrounding noise for better concentration. The choice is up to you. When it comes to comfort, check the quality of the earpads, flexibility of the headband, etc. Below are some examples of headsets for web radio.

  • For a small budget : you can for example choose the Shure – RH550DJ-E
  • For an average budget : you can choose a Sennheiser HD-280 Pro
  • If you have the means : you can turn to professional headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro for example

Which computer to create an internet radio?

If you want to create an internet radio station , you need two computers. The first is to be used for broadcasting music and sounds . You can also use it to listen to recorded shows again.

The second computer will be used when broadcasting the radio program on the Internet . These two computers should be equipped with an SD card reader, a headphone output and a 3.5mm jack type microphone input. The most important thing is the software and the host.

Choosing the right computer to create an internet radio
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What software is used to easily create your web radio?

How to create your own web radio easily? You need broadcasting software . There are several of them. To help you, below is a small list which already allows you to see things a little more clearly.

  • BUTT : this is the most used broadcast software. BUTT or Broadcast Using This Tool is suitable for all operating systems. Several FM radio stations use it to retransmit their streams.
  • Virtual DJ Pro : This software is suitable for Mac and Windows. It allows you to broadcast a lot of things. It is possible to use it for free, but the paid version is more complete. The paid plan costs around $299.
  • Sam Broadcaster : this software is only suitable for a computer that runs Windows or for a Windows phone type mobile. It's a bit complicated, but once you've mastered it, you can use it freely to create your web radio. This software is available in free mode, but also in paid mode (around $300).
  • Mixxx : this is software that works on Mac, Linux and Windows. It is also free. Getting started is quite complex, but once mastered, this software will make you happy. Get familiar with it to easily create your web radio.
  • ICast 2 and Mediacast : These are software intended for a nomadic web radio. If you want to stream to an iPhone, you can use iCast 2. If you are using an android, you can use Mediacast. The software for iOS is paid. The one for Android is free.

Which host to choose for a web radio?

The choice of host depends on you, but also on your budget. Know that there are free hosts and paid hosts.

  • Radionomy : how to easily create your own web radio? Get started with a free host like Radionomy for example. It offers free for 9 months.
  • Listen2myradio and Shoutcast : they are also among the free hosts that you can use to create your web radio. They even offer accommodation for a large number of listeners. They offer a personal page, a personal subdomain, a gallery, a blog, different servers, etc.
  • Vestaradio : this is a paid host. It allows you to easily create a web radio. It offers two main options, including the creation of a site for internet radio (computer version) and the creation of radio for application (mobile version).
  • Radioking : it is a paid host that has existed since 2013. It allows you to create a web radio in just a few clicks with a 14-day trial offer. It has the advantage of offering high definition sound in its packages.
Getting started on a web radio project easily
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How to easily set up your internet radio?

How to create your own web radio easily? You must choose the room where you will install your equipment. First of all, you need a room with electrical outlets and a reliable network. You then need a table capable of accommodating the equipment. As for assembly, you will need cables including RCA cables and stereo jack cables.

You must connect a double 6.3 mm jack to the HP output of the computer. This cable ensures music broadcasting . You then need a double RCA to the digital recorder. Also connect a 6.3mm stereo jack to the amplifier for headphones. Added to this is a 6.3 mm jack cable for broadcasting to the monitoring speaker, a USB cable for connecting to a PC and broadcasting over the internet.

For microphones, you will need to use XLR cables. To connect, connect the microphones to the mixer. Then plug the amplifier into your mixing console. Also connect the headphones to the amplifier. All that remains is to plug in your computer, connect the mixer to it, install the broadcast software and start the test.

Creating your own web radio: what budget should you plan?

Do you want to start creating an internet radio station? This project requires money. There are several things to pay for. For example, you cannot broadcast hits by Jean-Jacques Goldman freely. You have to pay copyright fees . The same goes for a new album from any artist, hits from the past, etc.

The copyright fee is around €350 with SPRE and around €88 for SACEM. Otherwise, you can also choose royalty-free music. Afterwards, there are the costs for the distribution platform which are around €250 . Otherwise, there is also your website.

It will cost you around €50 to €150 (hosting and domain name). You also need to purchase materials. This will cost you around €1,000 or more. Of course, the launch costs a little expensive, but you can then make your web radio profitable.

Budgets necessary to create your web radio easily
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Create your web radio and make it profitable

How to create your web radio easily and make it profitable? Once online radio is up and running, you can turn it into a source of income. To do this, you must ban the concept of ad-free radio. In fact, the best way to make money via online radio is to insert advertisements into your programs.

For this operation to be profitable, you must find partners who will make your web radio one of the must-haves on the Net. The more listeners there are, the more online radio will attract brands. The latter will then offer to do some advertising on your web radio in return for a commission.

The partnership therefore allows you to gain visibility and have more listeners. You can also promote your radio online by registering it in web radio directories for example. Otherwise, to monetize your radio even more, you can join affiliate programs .

There are several on the Internet. For example, Apple offers a commission of 7% for each title sold on a Player Radio. Otherwise, you can also make your online radio profitable by associating it with an online store. You will thus promote the store through the radio.

Just note that if you are going to monetize your web radio , you must do it legally by adopting a legal status. The ideal is an association type status. This way, you will be able to benefit from advantageous taxation (exemption from IS, tax reduction, etc.).