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The Best Micro USB of 2024

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A USB microphone is the best solution if you want to record quickly and easily. For equipment, you are going to need a better USB microphone and a laptop. The microphone will connect directly to your PC via a USB port. Once connected, it will install its driver by itself. So you don't have to worry about the installation software.

The best micro usb

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If you're a beginner, a USB microphone is still the best way to record without having to mess around with all the recording equipment. With this type of microphone, you will get professional sound in just a few clicks. The best USB microphone even offers the possibility of listening by connecting headphones via a mini-jack.

Rode Nt Usb Review


The registration process is very simple and intuitive. This technology will allow you, initially, to develop your own home studio thanks to a good audio interface. But it also rhymes with a professional and efficient microphone.

The market offers a wide choice. To make things easier for you, we have selected the best USB microphones of 2023 . Make good use of it to find the model you really need.

Best USB Microphone of 2021
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Why buy a USB microphone?

You want to record your compositions or you want to improve the audio quality of your productions and you are ready to invest. But for this, you face lack of experience or knowledge in terms of cabling and recording equipment. If so, the USB microphone is for you.

It is the best solution for easily recording your voice, instruments or pieces of music . With the best USB mic, you're sure to get professional-quality recording.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB


The best USB microphone was designed for people who travel a lot, YouTubers and podcasters. Indeed, its ease of handling remains its primary asset. It is the ideal solution for artists, podcasters, gamers or simply for those who make calls via Skype.

With the best USB mic, you no longer need phantom power, a sound card , a mixer or a mixing console. The microphone connects like any USB device. No need to worry about choosing a preamp anymore. For your sound recording, all you need is a USB connection .

For better sound quality, we recommend using a pop filter or a windshield to limit plosives. This allows you to record voice with professional quality .

This is a condenser microphone with a large diaphragm.
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The Rode NT-USB

This is a best electrostatic with a large membrane. Considered one of the best USB microphones, it is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating system. You can also plug it directly into your desktop, laptop, Mac, iPad or iPhone.

In short, you can use it on almost any device equipped with a USB port. With the Rode NT-USB , you can have an (optional) camera kit for recording your videos.

Rode Nt Usb Review


The Rode NT-USB Microphone is a best rugged USB mic with a classic and attractive look. It comes with a stand that will allow you to attach it to a tripod or boom mic. You can also use a microphone stand to limit handling noise.

This shouldn't be a problem, as the mic weighs just 520g and measures 184x52x50mm. For added clarity, it incorporates a pop filter that attaches firmly to the base of the microphone.

The Rode NT-USB offers exceptional audio quality. It operates with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and displays very high sensitivity.

The Rode NT-USB is a robust microphone

This makes it the ideal microphone for recording delicate sound sources. Thanks to the width of its bandwidth, it will restore the entire sound spectrum of its source.

With this type of USB microphone , you can also record acoustic instruments. This makes it a very versatile microphone while remaining easy to use.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 has been considered one of the best USB microphones for several years.
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The Audio-Technica AT2020 USB

The Audio-Technica AT2020 USB studio microphone has been considered one of the best USB microphones for several years. Its USB version, the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB offers perfect sound quality. It was designed for Podcasts and connects directly to your PC using a USB cable.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 USB is equipped with a cardioid polar pattern with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 16 kHz. It can also handle a maximum sound pressure of up to 144 dB.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB


With a built-in blue LED system, you'll know immediately whether your microphone is connected or not. As the best USB mic, you just need to plug it into a USB interface .

If you are using Mac OS as your operating system, the microphone will be operational right away. However, on Windows, the drivers will automatically download if they are not installed.

Cut entirely from metal, the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB is a robust microphone. It's perfect for voiceovers and ideal for recording acoustic and electric guitars. It also offers unbeatable value for money. However, it seems very sensitive to feedback.

The Rode Podcaster is a front-mounted dynamic USB microphone
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Rode Podcaster, the best USB microphone

Among the best USB microphones, the Rode Podcaster is a dynamic USB microphone with front pickup. It has a headphone jack with volume control for latency-free monitoring. The Rode Podcaster, like the Blue Yeti, is a robust microphone.

To ensure good support, we therefore recommend the use of a good quality microphone boom or microphone stand. Using a tripod is also a good option. Suitable for studio recording, the Rode Podcaster will offer you exceptional audio quality.

Rode Procaster


By sifting through its response curve, we can say that the Rode Podcaster shows perfect control of the treble. As the best USB mic, it will bring out the full sound spectrum of your voice in every detail.

The Rode Podcaster USB microphone is plug and play, once connected to your laptop, it will be immediately operational. Equipped with a dynamic neodynium capsule, it perfectly manages all vibrations, a plus for the audio quality of your recordings.

The Rode Podcaster will offer you exceptional audio quality.
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The Rode Podcaster is one of the greatest innovations in technology suitable for all types of users. It is mainly aimed at nomads and travel enthusiasts. Its large membrane and directivity make it the equipment of choice for podcasters around the world.

The Shure M7V is a dynamic microphone equipped with a USB and XLR output.
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Shure MV7, the best hybrid USB microphone

The Shure MV7 pro microphone is a dynamic microphone equipped with a USB and XLR output . It can therefore be used on computers and professional audio interfaces. This is the best USB microphone from the Shure brand.

It also offers voice and remote tone control. If you are connected via a USB cable, the Shure Plus MOTIV app will give you additional functionality on your MV7.



With automatic mode enabled, the microphone will work completely independently. In fact, all you have to do is select your preferred tone and microphone distance. The Shure MV7 will automatically take care of the rest of the adjustment.

Whether recording or direct broadcasting, you will obtain a completely correct output level. If, on the other hand, you choose manual mode, you will have total control over your sound. You could then adjust the gain, control the mix, the equalizer... as you wish.

Furthermore, we should note that the microphone regularly adjusts its output level . As a result, you'll spend more time creating than editing, because the microphone is already doing much of your work.

Very directional, the microphone has been equipped with voice isolation technology. It will then focus on your voice and give you a very professional recording. No background or room noise will be picked up with the best USB microphone that is this model.

The Blue Yeti is equipped with three electrostatic capsules
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The Blue Yeti, the best USB microphone for YouTubers

The Blue Yeti USB microphone is equipped with three electrostatic capsules that will allow you to record in all situations.

You can choose between several types of polar patterns: unidirectional, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo .

Blue Yeti


The Blue Yeti is compatible with a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system.

To have control over the recording, the manufacturers have equipped the microphone with several types of controls and switches which will allow the sound to be muted.

In addition, it also has a headphone output. The Blue Yeti is one of the perfect microphones for singing, podcasts, broadcasting, voice-overs... very versatile, the list of its applications is long. It is also the best USB microphone for YouTubers.

Hype MiC's patented studio-quality analog compression is very easy to use.
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Apogee Hype MiC, the only microphone with integrated analog compression

's patented studio-quality analog compression is very easy to use . As the best USB mic, it brings a magical touch to your voice that seems to float above a very dense background track.

This compression affects dynamics depending on the setting in different ways, it's an exceptionally unique feature.

You can control the compression by pressing the gain button. The microphone offers a total of four types of compression:

Apogee Hype MiC


  • In hype mode
  • Shape
  • Squeeze
  • In Smash Mode

Of course, you can remove this compression completely. Very versatile , it can be used for vocal recording, instruments, percussion, voiceover and anything you want to record.

A pop filter is included with your microphone when you order. It's actually the best we've ever seen, especially with a micro USB . The filter is a real adjustable swan neck arm. It has a screen with a diameter large enough to protect the microphone from plosives.

In short, the Apogee HypeMic studio microphone offers pure sound clarity. Apogee designed it to capture all facets of the sound source to which it is exposed. By opting for this microphone, all you have to do is stand in front of the microphone and let the magic happen. This is one of the brand's best USB microphones.

The Apogee MiC Plus is a cardioid condenser model.
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Apogee MiC Plus

The Apogee MiC Plus is a condenser microphone model . One of the best USB mics, the Apogee MiC uses a USB to connect to your computer. It plugs directly into your Mac, Windows PC or iOs devices.

The microphone is cut from metal and plastic with a fairly traditional design. A metal grille protects its cardioid capsule.

The small size of the microphone allows the user to easily take it wherever they go, making it easy to record even on the go.

Apogee MiC Plus


As a condenser microphone, the Apogee MiC Plus remains quite sensitive to different manipulations. We therefore recommend purchasing a microphone stand to limit handling noise and vibrations.

Versatile, the microphone is perfect for recording vocals and acoustic guitar . However, the sensitivity of the microphone to plosives remains high. We therefore recommend the use of a windshield or an additional pop filter.

The Apogee Mic Plus is the best USB microphone, a perfect plug and play, very portable. By using this microphone you will be sure to have very good sound quality.

Antelope Edge Go features superb build quality.
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Antelope Edge Go

Also in the top of the best USB microphones is the Antelope Audio Edge Go . It features superb build quality. Made entirely of metal, the microphone gives off a fairly robust impression. It does not include any control buttons.

Everything is done via software. However, it has a 3.5 headphone jack which offers latency monitoring as well as computer playback using its USB cable.

Equipped with an omnidirectional and cardioid polar pattern, the microphone provides exceptional performance. It is incredibly versatile compared to other USB microphone .

Antelope Edge Go


The Antelope Edge Go can record 24-bit at up to 192 kHz. It then offers high resolution recording, a first for a USB microphone. By opting for this microphone, you will get a handful of free effects (preamps, equalizers, etc.).

This microphone incorporates microphone modeling technology. Recording with the rare and expensive classic microphones is everyone's dream.

With Antelope Edge, these classic mics are now at your disposal. The modeling technology is real-time. You can then record with the mic models without the hassle of latency.

The Antelope Edge is the microphone for all amateurs and professionals.
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If you can afford it, the Antelope Edge is the microphone for all amateurs and professionals. It constitutes a real revolution in the world of microphones.

Its greatest asset is its connectivity via USB cable . Indeed, this feature allows for quick, easy and very high quality recording.

The difference between a USB and XLR microphone

An XLR microphone implies a multitude of additional hardware that you can choose according to your needs. We note the use of a sound card or a recorder for example.

With a better micro USB, we find all these elements compacted and integrated in the same box. By choosing the best USB microphone, you will pay for all the technology that goes with it in addition to the microphone.

Apogee Hype MiC


If you are a beginner, the best USB microphone will help you not lose your head when it comes to all the equipment needed to set up a studio. So to start, it's always a good option.

With the best USB microphone, record or do your sound recording and podcast with complete peace of mind.