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Adam S3V

Test & Review

Do you want to equip your professional studio or your home studio with an optimal quality and powerful monitoring speaker to ensure very precise mixing? Why not opt ​​for the Adam S3V monitor? It is a 3-way monitoring speaker model with vertical directivity. Discover our complete test of this studio monitor through this article.


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Summary of the Test 👇

There are several solutions that you can adopt to listen to music . For example, you can use headphones for discreet listening . If you want to add some ambiance, you can use speakers.

There are many models on the market including closed speakers, audio speakers, hi-fi speakers, bass speakers, acoustic speakers, Bluetooth wireless speakers, surround speakers, monitoring speakers, models with RGB , VHF speakers, ABS and others.

You will also find speakers for PC, for mixing desk, for stage monitors, etc. In the meantime, there are active speakers , passive models , and many others. Then there are the living room models. For example, you can buy a soundbar, a bookshelf speaker, a portable speaker or even a floor-standing speaker that you can pair with a subwoofer or amps for more power.

Otherwise, there are also many brands of speakers on the market. We can cite Triangle, Devialet, Ibiza sound, Éminence Speaker, Pioneer… and Adam Audio. Concerning the latter, it was created in 1999. It offers quality speakers with modern technologies which further improve the sound reproduction.

Adam S3V monitor
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ADAM Audio offers for example an ART , X-Art , S-ART , etc. The brand has also launched into the production of Hi-Fi speakers for home cinema , for multimedia use, etc. ADAM Audio now has a wide range of products including T, AX, SX, S series speakers, Subwoofers, Classic series, ARTist, and GTC or Grand Theater Component.

Concerning the Adam S3V model, it is an active speaker from the S series . Unlike a passive speaker, it already has an amplification module . So you won't need external amps. It is also a monitoring speaker.

As such, the Adam S3V is perfect for a PA DJ . Of course, it is possible to broadcast the audio from the DJ controller through the sound card of a PC for example, but for a quality result, it is advisable to use a monitoring speaker of this type. It can be used to listen to vinyl, a multimedia file, etc.

It is also possible to connect microphones, a PC, a mixing desk, a sound system, a DAC or other to this speaker. The Adam S3V has various input connectors including an analog XLR connector with an impedance of 48 kOhms and a maximum level of +24 dBu . Added to this is an AES3 digital input .

Adam S3V


Adam S3V speaker overview

The Adam S3V speaker is a 3-way model . If the brand's S3H is used horizontally, the S3V has a vertical directivity . This is also the meaning of the “V” in the designation. But it's not just the shape that differs these two speakers.

If the S3H has 7 -inch woofers with class D amplifiers (500 W separate), the Adam S3V has a 9-inch woofer . is always class D of 500 W. As for the technologies used, they are almost identical.

Like the S3H, the Adam S3V speaker features an ELE long-throw woofer , an S series bass-reflex , and an S-ART ribbon tweeter . The latter is driven by a 50 W A/B amplifier . The speakers are dome and cone. The speaker uses a precision HPS waveguide. Concerning the case, it is light and compact (only 25 kg).

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The Adam S3V speaker: its components

The low frequencies of the Adam S3V are managed by a 9-inch ELE woofer DCH midrange woofer S-ART ribbon tweeter which features an HPS waveguide . In addition to these points, the speaker has the DSP module which has several features.

Just like the Genelec 1032 CPM speaker , this monitor is already equipped with an integrated class D amplifier for the woofer and class A/B for the S-ART tweeter. Audio reproduction is between 32 Hz and 50 kHz , but what are the components of this speaker worth?

Pregnant Adam S3V
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First, there is the Extended Linear Excursion ( ELE ) Woofer. It guarantees precise and realistic sound reproduction , even when the resolution is very high. This is due to the combined design of the rigid honeycomb cone, reduced weight and internal damping of the enclosure. This woofer is very durable, which makes it professional sound equipment .

Low frequency reproduction is impressive. Apart from these points, thanks to this ELE woofer, the Adam S3V speaker has a mechanical suspension . Even on long excursions, the monitor operates without distortion, including at high SPLs. The original dynamic remains.

Note that in addition, the taut and resistant suspension of this woofer makes it possible to reproduce quality sound regardless of the frequency spectrum concerned. Added to this is a long excursion exterior suspension. It is also durable and allows for an increase in dynamic range while reducing distortion.

Second, there is the S-ART Tweeter. With this element, the Adam S3V speaker reproduces high frequencies perfectly . The latter is manufactured by hand and incorporates an HPS (High-frequency Propagation System) waveguide. The latter promotes the homogeneity of sound propagation .

Third, for the midrange, the Adam S3V speaker uses a 100mm DCH driver The latter is hybrid (half-cone, half-dome). The speaker is therefore capable of achieving the feats of a cone model and a dome model with a linear frequency response. Note that this hybrid audio system allows you to go down to 200 Hz for the mids.

The sound dispersion will therefore be both uniform and precise. To manufacture this DCH, the brand used a composite material based on laminated carbon. It helps reduce or even eliminate unwanted vibrations , even at high output levels. This material and the dome design also help eliminate resonances .

Adam S3V


Fourth, there is the DSP module. It has preset crossovers with optimal frequency response. Compared to conventional analog crossovers, the dynamic range is higher. This module provides access to several acoustic optimization options . Moreover, it is this DSP that we must use to adjust the sound manually.

It also includes an OLED screen which is used to control the sound level , parametric filtering, equalizers, etc. In addition to these points, the module has 3 memories that can be used to save settings.

In addition, there are 2 default settings including “ Pure ” to obtain a precise frequency response and “ UNR (Uniform Natural Response)” for a more realistic sound . Finally, the module has a limiter that protects the AES3 digital inputs and other connectors such as the XLR input, the USB port, etc.

The DSP module transforms this monitor into a wireless speaker as it can be controlled remotely using the S-Control software which can be downloaded for free from the brand's website. It is possible to carry out updates directly on a traditional PC using an Ethernet connection.

The connections of the Adam S3V

The Adam S3V speaker has a power switch that allows you to turn it on or off. The latter is located above the power cable. monitor requires voltages of 100 to 240 V. Concerning the LED indicators, there is only one on this monitor.

Adam S3V studio monitor
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If it lights up, the speaker is on. As for the inputs, the Adam S3V has an analog XLR connector instead of an RCA output. The monitor also has a digital XLR ( AES3 ) socket. It is located on the back and can be used as an audio input.

In addition to these connections, there is an AES3 output if you want to couple the speaker to other monitoring speakers for surround , stereo mode , etc. Otherwise, the monitor also has a USB port. This is the one to use if you want to connect the speaker to a PC (to be able to use the S-Control software for example). Finally, there is a port for an RJ45 cable on the back to allow a mini-jack connection .

Adam S3V: frequency response

The brand indicates that the Adam S3V can operate without a subwoofer since lower frequencies are generally filtered. Although in terms of power, the speaker has 500 Watts less compared to the S3H, the reproduction of low frequencies without compression is impeccable.

We notice that the sound is a little flat at 40 Hz and even seems to fade away at 32 Hz . At 50 Hz there is a -3 dB and 15 dB between 40 Hz and 32 Hz . All this to say that the bass output is excellent below 40 dB .

Adam S3V


This is normal if the frequency response is impeccable since the speaker has a 9-inch woofer , a 4-inch midrange driver and a dome/cone hybrid. Added to this is an S-ART tweeter. These components offer a frequency crossover of 250 Hz to 3 kHz .

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Zoom on the sound quality of the Adam S3V

Concerning sound quality , the Adam S3V speaker offers impeccable sound . Even when the listening level is high, there is no alteration or distortion perceived. The monitor provides natural sound across the full bandwidth.

The spatial information is now very detailed since the enclosure is of high resolution . These characteristics are valuable for a DJ who wants to produce a professional mix . He will be able to correctly position the instruments according to the sound produced by the speaker.

It's not just DJs who will find what they're looking for with this monitor. Sound professionals will all be ecstatic when they have found the right settings they need. We particularly appreciate the elimination of background noise .

Adam S3V monitoring speaker
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However, it is recommended to place the speaker at a distance of 2 m for optimal listening comfort . The speaker highlights all the sounds it receives, whether from instruments, voices (bass, treble, etc.) or others. The mixture created is impressive. It is more realistic.

If you close your eyes, you won't have the impression that these are sounds reproduced by a speaker. You will have the impression of being there. On heavy songs, the bass is softer , but still remains powerful and balanced .

The mids are well defined and the highs are precise. Know that even those who want to use this speaker for movies will be satisfied. In short, it's sort of a multifunction monitor if you look at the sound quality.

Its maximum peak sound pressure level per pair allows powerful sound reproduction , without distortion, even when the levels are pushed to the maximum. It is also a bass reflex speaker just like the Focal Shape 65 monitor . Its front bass reflex ports are large. This allows bass reproduction without pushing the compression.

This also allows you to transform the speaker into a wall-mounted speaker . On the power side, it does not need subwoofers although this allows it to improve its performance even further. With its integrated amplifiers, it is even possible to use it as an alternative to stage monitoring .

Adam S3V


Note that the sound is adjustable. Adjusting the sound of the Adam S3V speaker can be done via the rotary knob on the back. The latter allows for example volume adjustment from 0 to -60 dB , etc. Afterwards, it is also possible to make the settings from the source device. This is actually the most practical option.

Note that it is also possible to adjust the sound via software such as S-Control-Remote Software for example. Simply register (for free) on the brand's official website. Using this software requires connecting the speaker to a computer via a USB cable.

With this software, you will be able to control the DSP module and choose your listening preferences. You will have access to eight bands and customizable frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz . For the control range, you can adjust it easily. In addition, you can save your settings in the 3 memories provided.

S-Control software and the Adam S3V speaker

The S-Control software is very practical for adjusting the DSP that the speaker has on board. It allows optimal sound corrections according to the tastes of each user. Without this software, settings can be made directly on the OLED screen on the back.

Adam S3V in studio
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With S-Control, you can configure and adjust the monitor in wireless mode . The only problem is that S-Control will only be able to remotely control one monitor at a time. If you have a pair of Adam S3Vs, you will have difficulty making sound adjustments.

The second downside is the sending of data. The software will transmit the settings to the monitor, but the monitor must reboot completely to accept them. The restart time can last a few seconds, which can be detrimental for those looking to perform spontaneous actions.

The technical characteristics of the Adam S3V

  • 3-way monitoring speaker
  • Frequency response: 32 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Maximum peak pressure at one meter (per pair): >124dB
  • THD >100 Hz: <0,4 %
  • Filter cutoff frequencies: 250 Hz/3 kHz
  • Woofer: 9-inch Hexacone membrane
  • Medium: Carbon-Composite 4 inches
  • Tweeter: S-ART ribbon
  • Bass amplification: 500 W Class D
  • For midrange amplification: 300 W Class D
  • Treble amplification: 50 W Class A/B
  • Connections: XLR and AES3
  • Dimensions: 536 x 293 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg
Adam S3V monitor review
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Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,9 /5

Value for money

4,7 /5

Global mark

4,8 /5

Our opinion on the Adam S3V speaker

Seeing as it's an ADAM Audio S series speaker, with a pair of this substantial 3-way monitor you'll be able to get 32Hz to 50kHz with a max SPL of 124dB. In addition, it is one of the compact and lightweight speakers. So you can install it and move it more easily.

The 3-way amplification is quite classic. What sets this speaker apart the most are its components. It has woofers (bass and midrange) which work with 500 and 300 W class D amplifiers.

As for the tweeter, it is an S-ART folded ribbon. The latter is powered by a 50 W class A/B amplifier. With Class D amplifiers, excellent sounds can be achieved even at lower volume. Moreover, class D amplification often allows cone speakers to improve low frequency performance.

Next, there is the folded ribbon tweeter design. This allows for correct amplification with frequency reproduction up to 50 kHz. In short, after testing the Adam S3V speaker, we see that the brand has kept its promises in terms of audio quality.

All the components work together to provide a richer, but also more natural, sound. Whether for connection to a mixing desk, a PC, a microphone or other, the speaker does its job well. The only downside, but which doesn't really concern the speaker, is the remote sound control software.

It can only manage one monitor at a time and the latter must then restart to validate the settings. The only thing we can really fault about this monitor is its price. Afterwards, it is an understandable price given that it is one of the high-end speakers intended for professionals.

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