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Focal Solo 6

Test & Review

Do you want to get a pair of monitoring speakers that offer sound quality that is well above average? Nearby speakers that are capable of producing decent sound for you? Opt for the Focal Solo6. It is a 2-way monitoring speaker designed for indoor use. Discover in this article our complete test of this speaker, and without forgetting our opinion on its quality in general.

Test and review of the Focal Solo6 monitoring speaker

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

Whether producing or listening to music, it is never pleasant to use a speaker that delivers mediocre performance. If you want to get a quality monitoring speaker and mix in the best conditions, you must consider several factors. Starting with the reputation of the manufacturer .

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to favor reliable brands such as Yamaha, JBL, Tannoy Gold or Focal. The latter would be the best choice if you are a fan of “made in France”.

In this article, we are going to test a model from this French brand: the Focal Solo6. This is a monitoring speaker belonging to the ST6 series like the Twin6 and the Sub12. These models are known for their multiple options such as Focus mode , TMD technology or even the W membrane .

Let's take a closer look at the features offered by the Solo6. Throughout the test, we reveal the effects of these on the sound reproduction of the speaker. Discover the complete test of this monitoring speaker.

Focal Solo6 with Twin6
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Focus on the Focal brand

Focal is a brand specializing in the design of audio equipment for over 40 years. Today, it has established itself as an undisputed leader in the French market. A quick look back at the history of this renowned company before entering into the Focal Solo6 test.

Focal is a French company born on the initiative of Jacques Muhal in 1979. The very first product marketed by this sound engineer was the DB13 speaker .

Since then, Focal has continued to enrich its catalog. Hi-fi speakers, home cinema speakers, surround speakers, subwoofers, wall-mounted speakers, headphones, in-wall speakers, wireless speakers… Focal offers a wide variety of products designed for professionals and music enthusiasts.

The know-how of this French brand in loudspeaker manufacturing no longer needs to be demonstrated. Among other things, Focal speakers are renowned for the quality of its materials and finishes .

Focal has brought many innovations to the world of audio. Among these, we can note the Polyglass membrane used in the Focal Chorus 700 series speakers. This manufacturer also distinguished itself by the production of the inverted dome tweeter with a fiberglass membrane in 1981.

Focal Solo6


In 1990, Focal began to make itself known on the international scene. Moreover, that year, the company won the COTY (Component Of The Year) prize in Japan thanks to the Vega speaker model .

Another emblematic achievement from the French manufacturer: La Grande Utopia. A floorstanding speaker with an atypical design that was a dream for audiophiles at the time.

Focal has produced quality monitoring speakers This latest series includes three models, namely the Sub 12 subwoofer Twin 6 monitoring speakers .

Precisely, it is the latter which is on our test bench today. Let's analyze all the options that this model offers. Let's check its build quality and sound quality . At the end of the test, discover our opinion on the Focal Solo6.

Overview of the Focal Solo6 speaker

The Focal Solo6 is a 2-way monitoring speaker just like the M-Audio BX8 D3. This device is equipped with two speakers:

  • A 1.5-inch tweeter to reproduce high frequencies
  • A 6.5-inch woofer to reproduce low frequencies
Focal Solo6 speaker
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The powers of the woofer and tweeter of this device are 80 Watts and 50 Watts .

The Solo6 belongs to the family of proximity speakers . This means that this device is designed to be placed close to the listener. The manufacturer also recommends a positioning of 1 to 3 meters from the mixer . You will also have a better listening experience by pointing the speakers towards you.

On its rear side, this speaker has a switch to change the input sensitivity . Two possibilities are then available to you:

  • A position at +4 dBu : recommended for standard level audio equipment
  • -10 dBV position : which is suitable for sources offering a lower level .

In addition to this sensitivity adjustment switch, the back of this device consists of other elements:

  • A POWER button (to turn the speaker on or off)
  • An audio signal input connector
  • An HF function to control high frequencies from -3 dB to +3 dB
  • An LF function to control low frequencies from -6 dB to 6 dB
  • A voltage selector ( 110 V or 220 V )
  • A fuse holder
Focal Solo6


It is a device that is not at all bulky in a home studio. Indeed, it has a height of 334 mm, a width of 246 mm and a depth of 295 mm. With its 13 kg, this model is significantly lighter than the Adam S3V speaker (which weighs more than 20 kg).

The build quality of the Focal Solo6

The Focal Solo6 benefits from an MDF (Medium Density Fiber-edge) case, which means medium density fiberboard . This material gives it a robust construction.

Additionally, MDF helps eliminate unwanted vibrations . Thick and dense, this material offers the speaker protection against possible shocks.

Since MDF does not tolerate humidity, this device is therefore intended for indoor use .

Like all high-end speakers from the Focal brand such as the Focal Shape 65 monitoring speaker , the Solo6 is equipped with a beryllium tweeter . It is a material that offers better rigidity than aluminum or titanium. Furthermore, this ensures faster propagation of sound.

The TMD technology of the Focal Solo6 monitoring speaker

The TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) is a patented Focal technology. This is a harmonic damper that provides a 50% reduction in distortion in frequencies between 1000 and 3000 Hz . In addition, this device makes it possible to prevent deformation of the cone.

Focal Solo6 in the studio
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Just like the legendary Grande Utopia Be, the Solo6 benefits from IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) technology. The latter effectively reduces the resonance of the tweeter .

The Focus mode of the Focal Solo6

With Focal's Solo6, you can operate the device like a real subwoofer. The latter is none other than a type of speaker which exclusively emits low frequencies . This is also why we also speak of a subwoofer or subwoofer.

So, if you want to output just the bass, just switch to Focus mode . Once this feature is enabled, the Solo6 will not reproduce high frequencies. In other words, the tweeter will be inactive.

Note that the frequency response of the Focal Solo6 is between 45 Hz and 40 kHz when both channels (tweeter and woofer) are activated. By selecting Focus mode, only the woofer will be functional. As a result, its frequency changes. This varies in particular between 110 Hz and 10 kHz .

Focal Solo6


Small note: You can also discover our test guide for the Genelec 1032 CPM . This guide gives you the complete overview of this monitor, its design and connections, its sound quality, its characteristics, as well as our opinion on this speaker from Genelec.

Zoom on the sound quality of the Focal Solo6

The Focal Solo6 is a speaker that offers sound quality that is well above average . From the first listen, we immediately notice its precision. It must be said that this is a common characteristic of the ST6 series speakers of which the Solo6 is a part. These models benefit from the famous W membrane.

The material that makes up the casing has an impact on the sound reproduction of a speaker. The Focal Solo6 offers a thick and dense MDF cabinet designed to improve its sound quality.

Just like the BX8 D3 from M-Audio, the Solo6 offers a bass reflex system. However, unlike the port of the BX8 speaker, that of the Solo6 is placed on its front side. Enough to allow you to position the speaker very close to a wall.

Thanks to its beryllium tweeter , the Focal Solo6 produces pure sound without being aggressive. Inside this driver is a cone that softens the compression.

Focal Solo6 speaker review
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The technical characteristics of the Focal Solo6

  • Speaker type: 2-way monitoring speaker
  • Bass reflex system: front
  • Housing material: MDF with veneered side panels
  • Woofer type: TMD (Tuned Mass Damper)
  • Woofer size: 6.5 inches
  • Tweeter type: Beryllium inverted dome
  • Tweeter size: 1.5 inch
  • Switchable Focus mode: 1-way full-range (woofer only)
  • Frequency response (-3 dB): 45 Hz to 40 kHz (in 2-way mode ); 110 Hz to 10 kHz (in 1-channel mode )
  • Maximum sound pressure level (SPL): 110 dB
  • RMS power: 80 Watts (woofer) + 50 Watt (tweet)
  • High pass filter, EQ Shelving Low & High, EQ Low-mid (160 Hz)
  • Adjustable input sensitivity: +4 dBu or –10 dBV
  • Auto sleep
  • Input: XLR
  • Focus I/O: 6.3mm jack
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 334 mm x 246 mm x 295 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg
Focal Solo6
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Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,9 /5

Value for money

4,7 /5

Global mark

4,8 /5

Our opinion on the Focal Solo6 speaker

Whether you are already a fan of Focal products or this is your first step with this brand, you will certainly be delighted to welcome the Solo6 into your home studio. With its vintage look benefiting from a beautiful finish, this model will go perfectly to any recording studio.

Equipped with clear and detailed sound, this speaker will undoubtedly delight the most demanding mixers. It provides good bass performance. What's more, it offers precise bass reproduction, which greatly facilitates equalization.

And what about its Focus mode? This is a very handy feature for quickly switching to subwoofer mode. This function also saves space in the studio. In fact, by purchasing this speaker, it is no longer necessary to use an amplified subwoofer.

Given its multiple options and its exceptional sound quality, finding the Solo6 can only be a good deal. Not to mention that this model offers good value for money.

Our conclusion on the Focal Solo6: we recommend this monitoring speaker to audiophiles wishing to make their mixing easier and have a great listening experience.

Focal Solo6 Demo

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