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Presonus Eris E5

Test & Review

Do you want to purchase a quality monitoring speaker, but your budget is limited? Why not opt ​​for the Presonus Eris E5 monitor? This studio monitor offers exceptional quality, with a very affordable price compared to other speakers. It is a two-way speaker which belongs to the active speaker family. Discover through this article our complete test as well as our opinion on this monitoring speaker from Presonus.

Presonus Eris E5 test and review

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

Did you know ? In 2019, among all Presonus products, the Eris series speakers were the most coveted by fans of this brand. It must be said that this range offers excellent value for money . If you want to acquire a quality studio monitor at an affordable price, opt for a model from this popular series.

In this article, we are going to share with you the test of the Presonus Eris E5 model. As its name suggests, this is a model from the Eris range from the American brand Presonus. Discover the characteristics of its sound reproduction , its manufacturing quality as well as the usefulness of its control devices located at the rear. We also give you our opinion on this two-way active speaker.

Presonus Eris E5
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Focus on the Presonus brand

Presonus Audio Electronics is a company founded by Jim Odom and Brian Smith in 1995, in Louisiana, United States. This American manufacturer specializes in the design of audio software and hardware intended for audio professionals, musicians and sound enthusiasts.

This brand became known to the general public thanks in particular to the DCP8 . This is an digital compressor/limiter making it easy to control the dynamics of the audio signal.

Today, Presonus offers its customers microphone amplifiers , audio interfaces , mixing consoles, the best studio software (DAW) and monitoring speakers. The catalog of this American company also includes studio microphones . Arguably the most popular of these is the Presonus M7 condenser mic.

Here is a short summary of the most significant events of the Presonus brand:

  • 1995: Creation of the company and design of the DCP8 compressor (in the garage of founder Jim Odom)
  • 1997: Launch of the BlueMax , a 2-channel analog studio compressor
  • 1997: Moved into the company's first premises in Baton-Rouge, Louisiana
  • 2000: Launch of the Presonus DigiMax , an 8-channel ADAT A/D preamplifier
  • 2002: Launch of the FIREStation , the first audio interface designed for the home studio
  • 2005: Launch of the Presonus Inspire , the first audio interface managed via software
  • 2009: Launch of the first version of Studio One , software for producing music
  • 2014: Launch of the first series of monitoring speakers (Sceptre-series, StudioLive Al-series and Eris)
  • 2019: Eris Series speakers become the best-selling studio monitors worldwide
Presonus Eris E5-purchase
Presonus Eris E5


Note that the Presonus Eris range includes several models. Among these, the most popular are the Eris E3.5, the Eris E3.5 BT, the Eris E5, the Eris E5 BT, the Eris E7 and the Eris E8.

Now let's get to the heart of the matter: Let's test the Presonus Eris E5. Let's see together what this model offers us.

Presonus Eris E5 speaker overview

Like the Focal Solo6 speaker , the Presonus Eris E5 belongs to the family of active speakers . This means that this model has a built-in amplifier . For information, please note that speakers requiring external amplification are called passive speakers.

This two-way active monitor from Presonus is equipped with two speakers:

  • A 5.25-inch Kevlar woofer to reproduce bass
  • A 1-inch dome tweeter to reproduce highs

Its frequency response is between 53 Hz and 22,000 Hz . This means that its tweeter can go up to 20,000 Hz and its woofer can go down to 53 Hz .

The low frequency speaker of this model has a power of 45 W , compared to 35 W for the high frequency speaker.

The maximum sound pressure level of the Eris E5 is 102 dB . Its SPL is therefore slightly lower than that of the Eris E8 (105 dB).

This model does not take up much space in a home studio. In fact, it measures only 178 mm in length and 278 mm in height. In addition, it is easy to transport since it weighs only 4.63 kg.

Presonus Eris E5 Review
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The elements on the rear panel of the Presonus Eris E5

On the rear panel of the Presonus Eris E5, we find the following elements:

  • Input connectors
  • Power supply devices
  • Acoustic adjustment controls

The entrees

To use the Presonus Eris E5, you must plug it into the analog output of your audio interface. On its rear panel, this speaker has 3 connectors :

  • 2 balanced inputs : an XLR and a 6.35 mm jack for a gain of 4 dBu
  • 1 unbalanced input : an RCA of -10 dBV

If your audio source is equipped with a balanced 6.5mm TRS jack output or an XLR output, plug it into one of the balanced inputs of the Eris E5. This makes it possible in particular to reduce HF interference noise .

To adjust the incoming signal level before amplification, simply use the INPUT GAIN control . Turn this device clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the gain.

Power supply

To power the Presonus Eris E5, a standard IEC power cord will do. The ON/OFF switch allows you to turn the device on or off. An LED should light up on the front cabinet when the speaker is on. In addition, it has a voltage switch . In particular, you can select 115 V or 230 V depending on the country of destination of the device.

Presonus Eris E5-purchase
Presonus Eris E5


Acoustic adjustment controls

The Presonus Eris E5 has several controls intended to adjust its sound reproduction :

  • A high frequency equalizer : This switch allows you to boost or cut frequencies above the cutoff frequency. It can be adjusted between – 6 dB and + 6 dB
  • A midrange equalizer to adjust frequencies around 1000 Hz between – 6 dB and + 6 dB
  • A low-cut filter to attenuate low frequencies at 80 Hz or 100 Hz with a slope of – 12 dB/octave
  • An Acoustic Space switch with 3 levels : – 4 dB, -2 dB or 0 dB (more details at the bottom)

Interesting : Also consult our test Adam T7V speaker . Through this guide you can discover the complete overview of this monitoring speaker, its class D amplifiers, its bass-reflex technology, its patented tweeter, as well as its sound quality, and its technical characteristics.

The design quality of the Presonus Eris E5

Who says Presonus, often says good design quality. Like all speaker models in the Eris range (Eris E3.5, Eris E4.5, Eris E8, etc.), the manufacturing quality is there with the Eris E5. The quality of this monitoring speaker has nothing to do with old models using heavy solid enclosures.

The Presonus Eris E benefits from a lighter design without being lacking in robustness. This model is indeed equipped with materials that appear solid. Among other things, it is equipped with a Kevlar bass driver . A material which gives it good heat resistance. Added to this is additional shielding intended to reduce interference .

Presonus Eris E5 speaker
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The Presonus Eris E5 Acoustic Space control

Let's talk a little about a rather special feature of the Eris E5: the Acoustic Space control . You probably already know: low frequencies tend to be accentuated when a speaker is placed near a wall. This is where this option offered by Presonus comes in.

The role of this selector is to compensate for this amplification of bass sounds . It attenuates the level of frequencies whose value is less than 800 Hz . This device allows you to select 3 reduction levels, namely -4 dB, -2 dB and 0 dB.

Here are the brand's recommendations regarding the choice between these 3 options:

  • Set the selector to – 4 dB when placing your speaker near a corner
  • Opt for the level – 2 dB when your device is placed near a wall
  • Set the selector to 0 dB when the speaker is positioned away from a wall

Zoom on the sound quality of the Presonus Eris E5

Just like when choosing a studio microphone , sound quality is also a very important criterion for a speaker. Please note that the Presonus Eris E5 delivers a good sound performance, particularly in the low frequencies.

Obviously, given that this is a nearfield speaker , you shouldn't expect phenomenal sound power. However, for studio use, there is nothing to complain about with this monitor in terms of low frequency rendering.

Its performance in bass reproduction is linked to the quality of its Kevlar woofer which provides a response with great precision .

Its bass-reflex technology also has its role to play in amplifying bass sounds. In fact, this model is equipped with a front vent , which helps to reinforce low frequencies .

Presonus Eris E5-purchase
Presonus Eris E5


For most speakers benefiting from a bass-reflex system like the M-Audio BX8 D3 , the acoustic opening is located at the rear of the box. This is particularly the case with the Adam T7V speaker. As for the Presonus Eris E5, its vent is placed on its front . As such, you can position the device near a wall without affecting the reproduction of bass sounds. Besides, you can use the Acoustic Space selector at any time.

As far as high frequency reproduction is concerned, the sound is quite decent. We can particularly note a refined and warm sound . It must be said that these are sound characteristics common to speakers equipped with a silk tweeter . The midrange peaks, on the other hand, are slightly sharp, which requires alignment.

To enjoy an optimal listening experience, consider using this speaker for music streaming, home cinema or even video games. In these contexts, it delivers sound with impressive detail .

As for the listening distance, the ideal would be between 1 and 2 meters . If you plan to use it for mixing, make sure its tweeters reach your ears.

The technical characteristics of the Presonus Eris E5

  • Speaker type: 2-way active monitoring speaker
  • Kevlar woofer size: 5.25 inches
  • Dome tweeter size: 1 inch
  • Class AB bi-amplification
  • Woofer RMS power: 45 Watts
  • RMS tweeter power: 35 Watts
  • Frequency response: 53 Hz to 22 kHz
  • Input Impedance: 10,000 Ohms
  • Crossover: 3 kHz
  • High frequency adjustment: cowtail filter, 4.5 kHz , ± 6 dB
  • Midrange adjustment: peak equalizer, 1 kHz , ±6 dB
  • High pass filter: Off , 80 Hz , or 100 Hz
  • Acoustic-space switch: – 2 dB , – 4 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 102 dB
  • Connectors: XLR, 6.3 mm jack, RCA
  • Cable shielded against RF interference
  • Power-on delay
  • Transient and subsonic protection circuit
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 178 mm x 198 mm x 260 mm
  • Weight: 4.63 kg
  • Included in the box: a pair (2 monitors)
Presonus Eris E5 Monitor
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Presonus Eris E5-purchase
Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,7 /5

Value for money

4,9 /5

Global mark

4,8 /5

Our opinion on the Presonus Eris E5 speaker

Getting a Presonus Eris E5 can only be a good deal. Whether in terms of sound quality or design quality, this speaker tickles speaker models sold at exorbitant prices. There is no doubt that this is the ideal solution for those who want to have a good studio monitor in their home without breaking the bank.

This monitoring speaker delivers superior sound quality at a regular and constant frequency. The presence of the low-cut filter is of great help in optimizing bass reproduction. This device effectively suppresses unwanted low frequencies. A feature that will certainly not displease users who aim for excellence in terms of sound quality.

As far as its use is concerned, there is nothing rocket science. Featuring simple controls, this model is perfect for beginners. In addition, it comes with a user manual which details the usefulness of each command and each connector located on its rear panel.

Another advantage of the Eris E5 speaker: its Acoustic Space function. This is useful for adjusting the acoustic space of the speaker depending on its location in the room.

In summary, here are the advantages of the Presonus Eris E5:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Multitude of interesting adjustment controls: high frequencies, mids, low cut filter, acoustic space
  • Good value for money

The only downside is that the speaker does not come with accessories (an RCA or XLR cable for example). Apart from this small detail, everything seems perfect to us.

Our verdict on the Presonus Eris E5 speaker: given all its advantages, we can only recommend this model. This is the one to choose for audiophiles who want to enjoy a high-performance active speaker without spending a fortune.

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Presonus Eris E5