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Aston Origin

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Do you want to make quality recordings? Have you already heard of the Aston Origin Microphone? This condenser microphone is renowned for its excellent sound quality. Many testers have confirmed that it is one of the best dynamic microphones of the year. The quality of its coils as well as the precision of its unidirectional cardioid microphone are its major assets. I performed the test on my own recordings to give you my impressions.

Aston Origin Full Test

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Summary of the Test 👇

Aston Microphone Origin: One of the best condenser microphones

If you're looking for a high-performance wireless microphone for recording your vocals or acoustic instruments, you've come to the right place with the Aston Origin Microphone. This dynamic microphone is renowned for providing exemplary, accurate and precise sound recording.

Aston Microphone Origin


Aston Microphone Origin has a condenser mechanism. Which means that its cardioid polar pattern is unidirectional.

Unlike condenser microphones, it only picks up sounds in front of the mic and ignores background noise. Which makes it a quality studio microphone .

It is also an electrostatic microphone. This makes it very versatile . It will be a great ally, whether for singers, musicians, or those who make podcasts in their home studio.

At the same time, you can use it as a studio microphone and make recordings while being in front of your mixing desk .

Aston Microphone Origin: One of the best condenser microphones
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Neumann U87 condenser microphone . This microphone is one of the flagship models of the Neumann company. Discover in this article the reviews, the Specifications, the Cardioid Polar Pattern for Vocals, the Characteristics, and everything you need to know about this microphone.

My first impressions of the Aston Origin Microphone


My first impressions obviously concern its unique design . It has a microphone stand which makes it practical for any type of recording.

You can therefore use it both as a boom microphone and as a handheld microphone. The protective grids of the diaphragm serve as shock absorbers. And it also comes with a built-in pop filter .

Value for money

The Aston Origin Microphone also represents impressive value for money. Given its frequency response between 20 and 20 kHz and the robustness of its capsule, it will serve you for a very long time. This, for just over 200 euros.

Aston Microphone Origin


Sound quality

This is also a professional microphone . Say goodbye to static and weird sounds coming from your speaker. Indeed, the stereo sound of the Aston Origin is simply sublime.

It's a microphone for singers, for podcasters, YouTubers, recording studios, in short, for professionals.

Having tested all types of microphones, whether a professional dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone, I can tell you that it is one of the best microphones around . I tested it with several types of guitars, which are my instrument of choice. And I tell you, the sound that comes out of my acoustic guitar is just unbeatable.

Aston Microphone Origin
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This type of microphone, since it is condenser, requires 48 volts of phantom power when you plug it in. For beginners, know that you will simply have to plug the electrical cable into the box, don't forget the batteries, sometimes adjust the microphone volume and that's it.

Remarkable sound quality with Aston Microphone Origin

I've already talked about its unidirectional cardioid polar pattern which isolates sounds. The sound quality when taking vocals is just sublime. It's a pressure gradient microphone.

Its coil then allows it to capture sounds and transcribe them faithfully, whether bass or more high-pitched sounds. Its SPL, that is to say the sound level it can withstand, is 127db.

Even at this level, you will only have a little less than 1% distortion in the sound output. And this, regardless of the preamp you are going to use.

Aston Microphone Origin


Even without the pop filter , you will be able to feel the sensitivity of the microphone. Although your PA is loud next to it, the proximity effect of this unidirectional mic makes it simply perfect.

Are you looking for a mic for singing? Whether you only do karaoke at home, or you are a seasoned singer, trust the Origin Aston Microphone. When you plug it in, it will be directly recognized by your sound card for immediate use.

The presence of the integrated shock absorber makes this microphone particularly attractive.
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The robustness of the Aston Origin Microphone

The presence of the integrated shock absorber makes this microphone particularly attractive. Unlike the other capsules, his is made of evaporated gold. This is protected by a protective grid at the front which serves to preserve the diaphragm. This will therefore protect it even if you use it as a stand microphone.

Aston Microphone Origin


The sound vibrations that this mic can handle are also very impressive. This way the coil will hold even if the sound source is particularly close and you are using amps. I was surprised myself, I absolutely screamed in front of the microphones and the distortion was too low.

Finally, it should be noted that it is so robust that it continues to function normally, even after a sudden shock. It is truly a professional microphone, since even if you will use the microphone for hours, and at high pressure levels, it will never give way from the inside as well as the outside.

The Aston Origin is very resistant to impacts given the protective grid.
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Aston Origin vs rode NT1 A

Do you want to buy a microphone, but are hesitant? One of the current references, the RODE NT1 A is a direct competitor to the Aston Origin. Both are cardioid condenser microphones, so nothing much different in principle. Both are also dynamic microphones.

The Aston Origin is very resistant to impacts given the protective grid. It faithfully transcribes voices, both high-frequency sound waves and slightly deeper ones.

Whether for studios or for use at home, the Aston Origin is renowned for its versatility . It works for singing, for streaming your gaming games, or capturing sounds and amplifying them faithfully. Its resistance to shocks is its major asset.

Aston Microphone Origin


The RODE NT1 A is renowned for its audio quality in studios. But it is also ideal for those who want to create their own home studio, but really want to amplify sound dynamics in a professional way.

This is full-fledged studio equipment . It is very popular for vocal recordings, for your musical instruments: percussion, guitars, and even cymbals. Its SPL is 137dB, which makes it a little more durable. Besides, it is lighter.

These two microphones are equipped with a resistant membrane . However, if you are looking for a microphone more focused on studios, the Rode NT1 A would be more optimal. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a vocal microphone at home while having the effect of a studio recording, the Aston Microphone Origin will definitely please you.

A microphone that has incredible robustness.
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Benefits of the Aston Microphone Origin

The Aston Origin Microphone is first of all incredibly robust. This is characterized by its wave-shaped shock absorber which protects the capsule.

The head of this condenser microphone is designed to withstand shock even if it deforms for a few moments. Additionally, its pop filter is located inside its head, which will eliminate all handling noise.

Aston Microphone Origin


Given its quality, this microphone can really be used both in the studio and at home. The precision of his voice will make you feel like you're recording in a studio. You won't hear any background noise as the microphone only captures the essentials .

A definite advantage of this microphone is also its versatility, since it works with multiple sound sources. Thus, the Aston Origin is effective both for recording voice and for use with musical instruments, even with high sound pressure.

A versatile microphone
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Note : Also discover other tests and guides on the professional studio microphone through this link , if you want to buy a quality microphone.

My verdict

I was amazed by the results I got using this microphone. I was expecting a device with messy sound given its fairly low price, but no! So I tested its limits with very low frequency recordings, but it performed much better than some microphones that already exist on the market.

Sound pressure is not a problem for the Aston Origin, as long as the output is always symmetrical, and the distortion very low, even at its DSP limit. So you will never have those deafening noises that make the eardrum bleed, like some cheap microphones. Here you really have quality at a low price.

Aston Microphone Origin


Some people think that British products are no match for the big names in microphones on the market. But the Aston Microphone Origin silenced all the criticism. This stereo mic is simply perfect for voice recording. You just have to pick up the mic and start using it without fear.

In short, the Aston Origin Microphone deserves its place as one of the brand's flagship products . I was amazed by every aspect of it. Not being a mixing professional, this microphone greatly helped me make some recordings. I was more than happy to have used it.

Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,8 /5

Value for money

4,6 /5

Global mark

4,7 /5

Our opinion of the Aston-Microphone Origin

This cardioid polar pattern microphone is one of the flagships on the market. Robust, versatile, while being accessible to all, this microphone is suitable for studios as well as recording enthusiasts of all kinds.

If you are looking for a quality microphone, at a low price, and from a surprising brand, you might want to try the Aston Origin. You will not be disappointed.

Aston-Microphone Origin Microphone Demo

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Aston Microphone Origin


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