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Neumann TLM 193

Test & Review

Are you looking for a microphone with a large diaphragm and good frequency response? Among the most popular condenser microphone models on the market, I find the Neumann TLM 193 microphone. It is a floor-standing microphone for singing, recording in a home studio and can even be used in concerts. live. But what is it really worth? To find out for sure, I took the time to test this directional microphone with cardioid polar pattern and present it to you in as much detail as possible in this article.

Neumann TLM 193 Complete Test

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

General overview of the Neumann TLM 193 microphone

The Neumann TLM 193 is primarily a condenser microphone designed by Neumann, one of the best-known microphone manufacturers today. A priori, it is a large diaphragm boom microphone, equipped with a cardioid omnidirectional microphone.

In the design of this studio microphone , Neumann continues to offer dynamic and static microphones that better meet everyone's needs. The brand mainly targets fans of gaming, podcasts, singers, musicians, performers, YouTubers, etc.

Neumann TLM 193: Studio microphone
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In order to meet the demands of this beautiful world, the Neumann TLM 193 has a short circuit without transformer. A priori, it only has a recording amplifier which directly transforms the sound waves and sound sources captured into an electrical signal.

This gives me the benefit of a microphone level with minimal noise and an extended dynamic microphone range.

An exceptional studio equipment, the Neumann TLM 193 micro-USB displays a uniform polar response at low and high frequencies. It accurately reproduces the signals captured using a stable converter which pass through its rigid capsules.

Neumann TLM 193


In addition, its solid metal design ensures good protection of its elements against dust and particles. The dynamic characteristics of these capsules also reduce captured acoustic, electrical and electrostatic interference.

I also benefit from a swivel mount that easily adapts to the classic acoustic microphone stand and the tripod . It has everything you need to create a recording studio at home and enjoy excellent voice recording.

TLM 193 is primarily a condenser microphone designed by Neumann
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A plug and play stereo microphone

Mix, capture, capture, condense and record the voice, these verbs summarize the essentials of using the TLM 193 micro-USB . Indeed, it allows me to capture the sounds produced in a studio, record them, then use them later.

The recorded electrostatic bandwidth is obtained in particular by external phantom power supply . However, you don't necessarily need a mixer to use it. You can operate it very well using a USB cable and specific connectors adapted to its Bluetooth ports. So, this is a highly functional plug and play

A plug and play stereo microphone
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If you are looking for an ideal plug and play wireless microphone, I can well recommend you to buy Neumann TLM 193 mic.

This directional studio recording equipment largely meets this functionality.

But what is a plug & play condenser microphone ? And why is it beneficial to use one?

Well, a plug & play pro microphone simply allows you to benefit from recording media at the right pressure levels with the minimum of stress. In principle, it can work without adding additional drivers and using other software.

Neumann TLM 193


Its dynamic description reveals a type of microphone that works just after you have taken care to connect its stereo cord . The Neumann TLM 193 microphone meets precisely this expectation.

You just have to plug its adapter into the electrical current, connect it to your computer or mobile terminal so that it works. It can then be used to quickly capture and record different types of sound sources .

But no matter what kind of sound environment you find yourself in, the sound quality it projects will remain the same. It is also this unchanged aspect of the acoustic pressure obtained which makes it more attractive to voice-over artists.

Neumann TLM 193: a high-performance studio microphone
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Neumann TLM 193, a high-performance studio microphone

The audio interface of the Neumann TLM 193 condenser microphone ensures good use in home studio as the best studio microphone. You can therefore use this handheld microphone or external microphone to record in your home studio.

In principle, the USB micro easily captures the sound waveforms produced within the enclosed space, then transforms them into an impedance-controlled frequency diagram.

In front of a TLM 193 microphone, you will be very surprised to hear the reproduced quality, faithful as it is, of your voice and the original sounds captured.

Also, the proximity effect is clearly improved in this electrostatic room microphone. This is notably due to the reinforced polarization of the coil in order to create more acoustic pressures and eliminate handling noise .

Neumann TLM 193


As part of a studio recording , the Neumann radio microphone ensures good bandwidth and sound vibration pickup. As the output level of the studio microphone is increasingly worked, the magnet attenuator allows the dynamics to be better supplied.

I consider the Neumann TLM 193 both a directional and an omnidirectional microphone for the sound quality it produces. Moreover, the presence of an integrated preamplifier under the advice of a sound engineer once again supports the power of the sounds it offers.

Its main objective remains to amplify the dynamics to obtain an excellent ratio of electrical signal to the output level of the magnetic field .

 The TLM 193 microphone can also be used as live condenser mics.
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An excellent live microphone

As well as being suitable as studio recording equipment, like the Audio-Technica , the TLM 193 microphone can also be used as live condenser mics . Furthermore, it is above all this versatile aspect that makes this wireless lavalier microphone garner positive reviews from many audio professionals.

In fact, they can be used both as condenser microphones in the studio and as a sort of stage microphone in front of hundreds of viewers.

A priori, the quality of bidirectional voice recording offered by your USB microphone depends mainly on its more advanced design. Compared to other condenser microphones, the latter puts aside the notion of fragile devices sensitive to percussion.

Neumann TLM 193


It relies more on a ground potential of all of its constituent elements, namely the diaphragm and the surface of its capsules. This technology immunizes them from the electrostatic effects of interference and contamination from particles in the air.

This being said, your microphone connected to monitoring or headphones remains stable , regardless of the circumstances. It resists shaking as well as background noise as best it can. The sensitivity of the microphone is greatly enhanced to easily combine with your various acoustic instruments.

Also, the restitution of the frequency curves and the vocal signal in the Neumann TLM 193 is characterized by neutral sounds . I have used it in particular to record sounds of beginner and expert voice-over artists, singers, podcasters and to reproduce the sound of an acoustic guitar. I see it as a dynamic phantom-powered microphone for string, wind, percussion, and guitar preamp instruments.

The Neumann TLM 193 condenser microphone
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Cardioid polar pattern, authentic reproduction of captured sounds 

The Neumann TLM 193 condenser microphone appears as a simplified version of the TLM 170 R lavalier microphone. Apparently, both microphones have the same type of capsule to ensure good sound pickup: a K89 large diaphragm capsule .

It is a priori a diaphragm of modern static ribbon design in order to achieve a response curve adapted to your recording needs. The Neumann TLM 193 combines the benefits of superior linearity and response without the need for an external sound card. So you don't have to provide a sound card to use it.

Neumann TLM 193


Not surprisingly, I find that the stereo microphone has a pure cardioid polar pattern . This specific characteristic allows it to reproduce the sound as you hear it live.

You therefore benefit from an authentic recording of the captured sounds , without addition or modification. In addition, handling noise is greatly reduced for better results.

I am especially happy with the absence of sound degradation when listening to the gooseneck renderings. Thus, it is really usable for any type of treble or bass recording in DPA without distortion.

 TLM 193 from Neumann ensures good use in home studio.
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Note : You can also discover the Apogee HypeMic . This guide presents the complete test and review of this microphone, its sound quality, its design, its characteristics, the reason why you should choose this microphone, and the comparison of the microphone with the Neumann TLM 103.

The main advantages of the Neumann TLM 193 microphone

Neumann TLM 193 condenser microphone . I will summarize them for you in several points:

  • Versatile condenser microphone for studio and live
  • No transformer for reproduced sounds similar to the original sound sources
  • Uncompromising, interference-free sound quality
  • K89 large diaphragm capsule similar to that of the TLM 170R
  • Cardioid polar pattern and plug and play system
Neumann TLM 193


The technical characteristics of the Neumann TLM 193

  • Type: condenser microphone
  • Brand: Neumann
  • Polar pattern: pure cardioid
  • Impedance: 1000 ohms
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 140 dB
  • Maximum output level: 13 dB
  • Power requirement: 45 volts
  • 3F XLR connector
  • Weight: 480 grams

Accessories included in the pack:

  • Swivel foot adapter,
  • Foam padded wooden box
Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,0 /5

Value for money

4,8 /5

Global mark

4,5 /5

Our opinion on the Neumann TLM 193 microphone

Neumann's TLM 193 condenser microphone is just as good as the Yeti , Rode NT USB and Audio-Technica range microphones for capturing sounds. Its cardioid directivity ensures perfect restitution of the sounds captured with a minimum consideration of handling noise and percussion.

Neumann TLM 193 demo

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Neumann TLM 193


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