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Neumann TLM 67

Test & Review

The Neumann TLM67 condenser microphone is the more contemporary version of the famous U67 model. Generally, it has a new circuit configuration, K7 capsule, pre-attenuator, three directivity and new design. Due to its characteristics, it arouses the enthusiasm of sound engineers. The Neumann TLM67 has also managed to keep the audio quality of its predecessor. I therefore agreed that it was necessary to test it in order to give my opinion for users.

Neumann TLM67 Full Review

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

The Neumann TLM 67, a must-have for the brand

To create an exhaustive list of the best microphones , a model from the Neumann brand is necessarily included. The latter has become synonymous with a high-end condenser microphone for several years.

I would point out to you that no home studio owner does not know this brand. Indeed, it is very popular in this environment.

The Neumann TLM 67 has some technical improvements to meet the needs of users these days. It is ideal for vocals since it works with a warm, but open sound.

It's a classic of the brand. It is versatile and adapts to all stage situations such as studios or live performances.


It succeeds the Neumann U67 model . The initials TLM designate “Transformer Less Microphone” or microphones without transformers.

For TLM technology, including the TLM 67 model, an electronic circuit replaces the usual sound output with a transformer. It also has three different polar patterns, namely omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional.

Its origin is based on the legend of condenser microphones from the 60s. It is a dynamic microphone with a large diaphragm.

It is at the heart of the purest Neumann tradition. The brand works its magic of seduction through the details of the TLM 67 model.

A dynamic microphone with a large diaphragm.
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A refined design look

The TLM 67 reflects picture the Neumann U67. The latter was the first model developed under the collaboration of the Neumann and the German designer Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg.

The external appearance of the long diaphragm microphone TLM 67 is then in line with that of the U67. However, it incorporates contemporary touches to establish itself in today's environment. This, while meeting the aesthetic requirements of users.

It combines past trends and futuristic microphone designs. Its finish is very refined. This condenser microphone adopts a unique two-tone look.

The Neumann TLM67 with a refined design look
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The body of the microphone is colored pearl gray. It displays impeccable finishes. Its look gives the Neumann TLM 67 a unique personality .

For its 80th anniversary, the Neumann company pays tribute to its founder by creating a three-dimensional metal emblem. It is placed at the front of the TLM67 model.

It has all the aspects you want in a high-end condenser microphone Its design is designed to optimize sound capture. Metal makes up the majority of the frame of the device.

This gem of a recording is as meticulously assembled as it is solid. The head of the Neumann TLM 67 is also conical in shape. It captures ambient noise flawlessly.


A metal grille serves as a shock absorber against explosive sounds. It covers its head to make this model more resistant. It features an elastic suspension.

Furthermore, its front side is marked by the Neumann . A selector which allows you to choose from the three available directivities is located on the protective metal grille.

A symbol represents each direction. Once you select it, it is displayed in a small window above the selector.

Neumann TLM67 is conical in shape
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The frequency response of the Neumann TLM 67

The TLM 67 condenser microphone Neumann has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. It responds to low frequencies around 70 Hz.

It actually works in a more modern way. The reproduction or rendering of this microphone is much more polished, refined and more direct since it has wide amplification to capture high frequency sounds.


It fits harmoniously with dynamic instruments used solo. Bass and bass sounds lose none of their power when you monitor and record them with a Neumann TLM 67 .

This model turns out to be an excellent medium. The microphone volume is also adjustable.

A microphone that has wide amplification to pick up high frequency sounds.
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Directivity and sound quality

The Neumann TLM 67 condenser microphone has, among other things, a cardioid polar pattern which allows for better audio quality. In order to use it as a studio microphone , owners often opt for this directionality.

This is mainly because this microphone is more sensitive to sound coming from the front when arranged in a cardioid pattern. This greatly simplifies its use. I notice that this model is less subject to feedback phenomena.


Isolating sound sources to be recorded becomes easier with this new version of the classic model . On the back of the device, the electrical polarization of the recordings is negative, but that of the omnidirectionals is always positive.

The switchable polar pattern of the cardioid microphone is used for sound sources such as drums, a singer or even a guitar pre-amp.

Neumann TLM67 has a cardioid polar pattern.
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The Neumann brand, a world reference

Simply put, it's rare that there aren't Neumann in a modern studio recording session. The Neumann TLM 67 stands out for its membrane which clearly highlights its shape.

As for the sound, it offers a natural, but refined rendering with inaudible background noise. Its maximum SPL never poses a problem during recordings.

I consider this condenser microphone to be a good investment for a recording studio .


In addition, the famous German manufacturer Neumann coined the term phantom power supply in the 1960s. The concept is quite simple.

It consists of powering a microphone in use with an electrostatic current via an XLR cable. The recorded signal also passes through this cable.

Thus, the Neumann TLM 67 natively integrates an external phantom power supply to provide a standard voltage.

A versatile condenser microphone
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The user segment for the Neumann TLM67

Consider the scale of industrial precision in its manufacturing and robustness. And you will say as I do that this condenser microphone is aimed at studios around the world.

It has better performance than other condenser microphones on the market. It's the evolved version of the next generation of cutting-edge recording tools for your studio.


The sound coming from your equipment will no longer be the same with this Transfromer Less technology.

Sound professionals love it. It's a dynamic microphone that goes the distance through long hours of use. I'll also note that its adaptability makes it accessible for anyone who wants to process what they're playing themselves.

The Neumann TLM67 is a high-tech microphone
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Summary of the characteristic points of this condenser microphone

Electrical characteristics

Like an audio transformer, the electronic circuit effectively provides common mode rejection. It removes interference between spurious signals that affect the conductors of the balanced link.


Like the Neumann U87 microphone , the microphone supports sound pressure levels of up to 105 dB SPL without any distortion. Without using the pre-attenuation selector, the Neumann TLM 67 offers an A-weighted 94 dB dynamic range.

 The Neumann TLM67 has a pre-attenuation filter.
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Pre-attenuation and filter

A pre-attenuation filter is a device located on the back of the condenser microphone . Its main function is to reduce the level of the output electrical signal during a recording or stage performance.

This reduction is estimated at around 10 dB. I advise you to only use it in specific conditions. Those where sound pressures are very high.


The preamp circuits then risk being saturated in these cases. The filter would therefore be of great help to you. The Neumann TLM 67 has a more efficient pre-attenuation filter than its predecessor, the U67.

It is therefore a large dynamic microphone for producing well-developed works.

 The Neumann TLM67 has 3 types of directivities
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Operating characteristics

  • Weight : 490g
  • Diameter : 56mm
  • Length : 200mm
  • Polar patterns : cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional
  • Frequency response : 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Microphone sensitivity at 1 kHz operating in 1 kohm 10/18/9 mV / Pa
  • Recommended load impedance
  • Dynamic range of internal microphone pre-amp , A-weighted, 5% 2, 104 dB
  • The noise level is equivalent, according to CCIR1, 29/24/30 dB
  • The noise level is equivalent, A1 weighted, 16/11/17 dB-A
  • Signal-to-noise ratio , according to CCIR1 (rel. 94 dB SPL) 65/70/64 dB


  • Signal-to-noise ratio , A1 weighted (rel. 94 dB SPL) 78/83/77 dB
  • The transducer works acoustically
  • Maximum SPL level , THD < 0.5% 2 (lamp characteristic) 110/105/111 dB
  • Nominal impedance : 50 Ohms
  • Maximum output level : -1 dBu
  • Maximum SPL level , THD < 5% 2 (lamp characteristic) 130/125/131 dB
  • Dynamic range of internal microphone preamp, A-weighted, THD 0.5% 2.94 dB
  • External power supply : P48
  • Cable connector : micro-XLR 3F
Neumann TLM67: high-end microphone
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Its accessories provided with purchase

  • Custom storage box
  • Microphone mount and holder
  • Foot adapter
  • Instructions for use


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My final evaluation

In short, like the Neumann TLM 102, the TLM67 condenser microphone is a technological and aesthetic masterpiece. I consider that its versatility propels it to the top of the list of high-end microphones.

I simply recommend using this microphone in an acoustically treated room. This is particularly the case if you plan to use it in a home studio.

In fact, it captures all ambient noise. It's a sensitive microphone that is very particular about the audio quality it produces. I also note that it is resistant and supports high sound pressures without distortion.

High-end and versatile microphones.
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It can be used as a microphone for a guitar amp for live performances, for example.

The Neumann TLM 67 condenser microphone

It will accompany you in your moments of transcendent creativity. Don't lose any of this magic, equip yourself with a Neumann TLM 67 !

Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,0 /5

Value for money

4,8 /5

Global mark

4,5 /5

Our opinion on the Neumann TLM-67

From amateurs to professionals, the Neumann TLM67 condenser microphone meets all requirements. The sound output presents a quality never heard before. It gives you good value for money.

Neumann TLM 67 demo

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Neumann TLM 67


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