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SE Electronics T2

Test & Review

Do you want to equip your home studio or professional studio with a versatile condenser microphone? Why not opt ​​for the SE Electronics T2 microphone? It is a large membrane multi-pattern model which displays 4 switchable directivities. It's a very flexible condenser microphone, because you can use it for recording vocals as well as musical instruments. Discover through this guide our complete test of the T2 microphone from the SE Electronics brand.

SE Electronics T2 microphone test and review

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

Looking for a versatile studio microphone ? You will certainly find what you are looking for with a model equipped with several switchable directivities. This is particularly the case with the SE Electronics T2 condenser microphone Whether for vocals or musical instruments, this multi-pattern model can meet your needs.

Let's take a closer look at the build quality, technical characteristics and sound quality of the T2. At the end of the test, we will give you our opinion on this microphone from SE Electronics.

Focus on the SE Electronics brand

Founded in 2000 by Chinese conductor Siwei Zou, SE Electronics is a company specializing in audio equipment . This brand notably offers USB microphones, ribbon microphones, dynamic microphones as well as condenser microphones.

In the category of dynamic microphones , the model that has had the most success with fans of the brand is undoubtedly the legendary V7 Black . This is a supercardioid microphone designed for vocal pickup. SE Electronics Dynacaster moving coil microphone .

SE Electronics T2 microphone review
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In the category of condenser microphones, there are many models offered by SE Electronics. Among the most popular are the SE8, Se2200, Titan and 4400a.

The model that is the subject of our review today is a condenser microphone whose design is based on the SE Electronics 4400a . Its chassis as well as its technical characteristics were notably inspired by this flagship model of the brand. Furthermore, it benefits from the same capsule as the emblematic SE Electronics Titan . It remains to be seen whether this combo works.

Without further ado, here is the complete review of the SE Electronics T2.

SE Electronics T2 Microphone Overview

The SE Electronics T2 belongs to the large family of condenser microphones like the MXL 990 , the Neumann M149 and the Avantone CV-12. What these models have in common is that they all have a large membrane .

Furthermore, these types of microphones are equipped with a condenser. The role of the latter is to convert the charge into an electrical signal which will then be transmitted to the audio interface or the preamp.

Please note that an external sound card is essential to use this microphone. That said, if you want to equip yourself with a model that plugs directly into a computer, you will find what you are looking for with a micro USB . However, remember to favor models that have proven themselves such as the Rode NT-USB, the Rode X XCM-50 or the Blue Yeti X.

Also note that an external power supply is required to operate the T2 given that it is a condenser mic . In particular, you will need 48 V (± 4 V) phantom power.

The SE Electronics T2 comes in a beautiful aluminum storage case. Added to this is SH21 . This is a spider suspension designed to place the microphone more easily and to make recordings in optimal conditions. This device also makes it possible to isolate ground vibrations .

SE Electronics T2-purchase
SE Electronics T2


In terms of looks, the T2 looks a lot like the sE 4400 a. Among other things, just like this legendary model from SE Electronics, it benefits from an all-metal housing as well as a metal mesh grille. Its front panel also includes all the switches found on the sE 4400 a .

However, the capsules in these two models are not the same. Indeed, the Se 4400 has a powdered gold capsule , while the T2 has a titanium capsule. Notably, this is the same component found in the original SE Electronics Titan.

The SE Electronics and its 4 switchable directivities

Many microphone models from the SE Electronics brand are equipped with 3 directivities to choose from . Among these, we can cite in particular the SE Electronics sE2200a II, the 4400 a and the sE 2300. To this list is added the SE Electronics T2. This model has 4 polar patterns , namely:

  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Hypercardioid directivity
  • Figure 8 directivity (bidirectional)
  • Omnidirectional directivity

The cardioid polar pattern is the one to select to only capture sounds in front of the microphone . By activating this polar pattern, sounds from the sides and those coming from the rear will be attenuated. To choose this directionality, simply adjust the switch at the small inverted heart pattern on the front of the microphone.

To make the mic more sensitive to sounds coming from behind , you should select the hypercardioid polar pattern. In fact, it is a variation of the cardioid. However, the angle of capture is more restricted towards the front. To select this polar pattern, simply adjust the switch at the mushroom pattern.

SE Electronics T2 packaging
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As for the bidirectional directivity, this makes the microphone sensitive to sound sources located towards the front and rear . This polar pattern is particularly practical when picking up vocals from two singers located on either side of the microphone. To switch to this type of directivity, set the switch to the inverted eight symbol.

If you want to capture sounds equally from all directions, you should choose omnidirectional polar pattern. This polar pattern is one suitable for recording a choir . To select this, simply set the switch to the circle symbol.

A model equipped with a low-cut filter and an attenuator pad

As indicated above, the SE Electronics T2 benefits from the same technical characteristics as the SE Electronics 4400a . These two models offer in particular:

  • A low-cut filter with 2 levels: 40 Hz and 80 Hz
  • An attenuator pad with 2 levels: – 10 dB and -20 dB

The low-cut filter cuts low frequencies from 40 Hz or 80 Hz to let high frequencies pass. This is a switch that will be very useful in overcoming parasitic noise. It's a tool that also helps make it easier to manage mic sensitivity to proximity effect.

This microphone is designed to handle loud sound sources without distortion . By default, its sound pressure level is 137 dB . By activating the attenuator pad, you can increase its SPL to 147 dB or 157 dB . This switch is useful when you put the mic in front of an exceptionally loud source.

SE Electronics T2-purchase
SE Electronics T2


Application areas of the SE Electronics T2 condenser microphone

Thanks to its 4 switchable polar patterns , the SE Electronics T2 benefits from great versatility . Indeed, this model can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. Here are some examples:

  • Voice of a singer (male voice or female voice)
  • Voice off
  • Podcasting
  • Gaming
  • Streaming
  • Piano
  • Percussion
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Guitar amp
  • Copper
  • Overhead
  • Battery
  • Discussions on Zoom or Skype

In addition, this microphone is also convenient for recording stereo sounds . For this, however, it is necessary to acquire two SE Electronics T2. You must then adjust the directivity of each microphone according to the stereo recording technique to be implemented.

To perform the Mid/Side technique , you must put one of the SE Electronics T2 microphones in cardioid mode and the other in figure 8. You must then point the first in the direction of the source to be captured. As for the second microphone, you must position it perpendicular to the first.

If you want to record a sound source with the Blumlein technique , you must set both microphones to bidirectional mode. As for the setup, you just need to place the mics so that they form a right angle .

Likewise, if you want to apply the Faulkner Array technique , you will also need a pair of T2 mics adjusted in figure 8 mode. However, this time around the setup will not be the same as with the Blumlein technique . Indeed, to record sounds in Faulkner Array, simply position the two microphones so as to form an angle of 0° .

microphone SE Electronics T2
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Focus on the sound quality of the SE Electronics T2

The SE Electronics T2 delivers impressive sound reproduction in all frequency ranges. The mids and bass are notably well balanced , all without any exaggeration of the treble. With this microphone, it is easier to obtain clean sounds without unwanted noise thanks in particular to its low-cut filter.

The performance of this microphone in high frequencies is undoubtedly linked to the quality of its titanium capsule . Indeed, with better rigidity compared to a powdered gold capsule, this device offers more precise transmission of transients .

This component allows this microphone to optimize its performance in front of a percussion instrument. Furthermore, this also allows him to deliver great performances when taking vocals .

However, to optimize sound reproduction, it is recommended to use an anti-pop filter when recording vocals. This device makes it possible in particular to attenuate plosives.

By selecting the cardioid polar pattern, you can notice the sensitivity of the microphone to the proximity effect . Indeed, the closer the source is placed to the microphone, the more the bass sounds will be amplified. Note that this is a feature that this model shares with the majority of condenser microphones.

However, thanks to the low-cut filter accessible on the front of the microphone, bass amplification can be easily managed . Furthermore, by using the T2 as an omnidirectional microphone, it will not be sensitive to proximity effect.

SE Electronics T2-purchase
SE Electronics T2


The technical characteristics of the SE Electronics T2

  • Mic Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Polar patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, hypercardioid, bidirectional
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 25 mV/Pa (-32 dBV)
  • Equivalent noise level: 13 dB (A)
  • Maximum SPL at 0.5% THD: 137 dB/147 dB/157 dB
  • Attenuation pad: -10 dB and -20 dB
  • Low cut filter: 40/80 Hz (6 dB/octave)
  • Power supply type: phatom 48 V power supply (± 4 V)
  • Connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Dimensions: 146mm x 58mm x 29mm
  • Weight: 290g
  • Accessories included: SH21 elastic suspension, storage case
recording instruments with the SE Electronics T2
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SE Electronics T2-purchase
Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4.8 /5

Value for money

4,6 /5

Global mark

4,7 /5

Our opinion on the SE Electronics T2 microphone

The SE Electronics T2 is a condenser microphone that offers sound quality close to that of high-end models that cost a fortune. It delivers incredibly detailed sound, regardless of the source in front of it. Added to this is impressive clarity. Compared to the V7 of the same brand, this model offers a more neutral sound.

This microphone is easy to handle. Indeed, all of its switches (the low-cut filter, the attenuation pad and the directivities) are accessible from its front panel. Additionally, each polar pattern is represented by its specific diagram. For example, to select cardioid mode, simply adjust the switch to the inverted heart symbol.

Thanks to the shockproof suspension supplied with the microphone, the latter can be easily installed near the sound source to be captured. In addition, this device guarantees isolation from ground-related vibrations.

The SE Electronics T2 benefits from a design that looks quite sturdy. Its all-metal body is ideal for intensive use.

The other major advantage of this professional microphone lies in its versatility. Thanks to its 4 directivities to choose from, this model can be suitable for a multitude of applications. Whether recording two singers at the same time or a musical instrument, it always delivers exceptional results. It is particularly effective when recording percussion.

The advantages of the SE Electronics T2 microphone:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Robust design
  • Versatility
  • 4 switchable polar patterns
  • Effective low-cut filter and attenuator pad
  • Good value for money
  • Convenient shock-absorbing suspension

Our verdict on the SE Electronics T2 microphone: It's a versatile model that we recommend to audiophiles who want to get a top-quality device without spending a fortune.

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