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SE Electronics DynaCaster

Test & Review

Are you looking for a microphone for singing that has already been praised by sound engineers? Why not get a microphone like the SE Electronics DynaCaster? This cardioid microphone would be a good deal for you if you want a high-performance microphone when recording vocals. In this article, we offer you a complete test guide for this dynamic microphone.


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Summary of the Test 👇

Do you need a professional microphone for your recording studio or on-stage recording? Would you like a dynamic microphone You will certainly be won over by the rendering of the SE Electronics DynaCaster. It is a microphone that has nothing to do with classic dynamic microphones. It benefits from an integrated preamp . But that's not all ! Here is the complete test of the DynaCaster microphone from the SE Electronics brand.

Focus on the SE Electronics brand

Before we move on to reviewing the SE Electronics DynaCaster microphone, let's first focus on this brand. Please note that SE Electronics is a company specializing in the design of microphones since 2000. It was launched by Siwei Zou, a violinist turned conductor of good reputation in China.

Their product catalog includes large and small diaphragm microphones , ribbon microphones ( like the SE Electronics X1R ), condenser microphones and dynamic microphones.

micro SE Electronics DynaCaster
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SE Electronics is a reliable microphone . Its first products were quickly adopted by audio enthusiasts and professionals. Their best-seller undoubtedly remains their basic model: the SE Electronics SE1. The SE 2200a II is also among their most popular models . It is a microphone that is extremely efficient for voice recording.

In this article, we will dissect the DynaCaster together. Among other things, we will review its design, its technical characteristics and its sound quality. And at the end of the test, we will give you our opinion on this microphone.

SE Electronics DynaCaster Microphone Overview

Let's see right away what's in the box:

  • An SE Electronics DynaCaster microphone
  • A foam windscreen
  • A thread adapter
  • SE logo stickers
  • A user manual

The SE Electronics DynaCaster is a dynamic microphone like the Shure Super 55 Deluxe microphone or the Rode PodMic.

SE Electronics DynaCaster


The principle of a dynamic microphone is the same as that of a bicycle dynamo. This means that this type of pickup has a voice coil that surrounds a magnet. However, instead of a bicycle wheel, we instead find a membrane. When a sound wave hits it, the coil moves. And the current occurs by interaction of the coil with the magnetic field generated by the magnet.

When it comes to build quality, the SE Electronics brand is a sure bet . This DynaCaster is proof. Robust, the body of the microphone is entirely made of metal. Its metal grille is easily removable in several places for easy cleaning . Its XLR connectors are gold-plated and are sufficiently shielded to provide better protection against interference .

Let's talk a little about the built-in support. In addition to being aesthetic, this metal device is very practical. This allows you to rotate the microphone according to your needs . Additionally, the mount fits professional microphone booms. You will also have a thread adapter to adjust the screw thread diameter of the bracket.

What about other accessories that come with the SE Electronics DynaCaster? As its name suggests, the windscreen helps reduce unwanted noise caused by wind or breathing. In addition, this also helps protect the microphone head in the event of an impact. And finally, you will have a user manual to help you master the mic .

inside the SE Electronics DynaCaster microphone
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SE Electronics DynaCaster: an integrated preamp and tone control

Impossible to test the SE Electronics DynaCaster without mentioning its integrated preamp which allows you to increase the volume of the microphone .

Who says dynamic microphone often means purchasing a cloudlifter. It must be said that dynamic microphones of this type are renowned for their fairly low output level . Hence the need to boost the microphone signal. In addition to costing a fortune (around a hundred euros), a cloudlifter can be cumbersome.

But rest assured, you will not face this kind of problem when using the SE Electronics DynaCaster. Indeed, this microphone benefits from an integrated preamp of +30 dB gain called Dynamite . This device makes it louder than ordinary dynamic microphones.

By opting for the DynaCaster, you will no longer need to invest in an external preamp . To amplify the microphone signal , simply activate the Dynamite. To do this, simply press the switch in the middle. Note, however, that you will need a phantom power supply to operate this preamp.

SE Electronics DynaCaster


The SE Electronics DynaCaster has another feature that will certainly delight audio engineers. Indeed, on both sides of the switch which amplifies the signal, you will also have two other switches. One allows you to reduce and increase low frequencies while the other serves to boost high frequencies at two levels.

If you're using this mic for instruments that don't require bass, consider activating the low-cut filter . This is particularly the case for recording guitar, piano or even violin. In these cases, activating this filter will allow you to optimize the quality of your recordings and clarify your mix .

The DynaCaster and its integrated 3-layer pop filter

The other strong point of the SE Electronics DynaCaster lies in its integrated pop filter . This multilayer device allows the microphone to effectively attenuate plosives . Also note that it is possible to unscrew this filter. Enough to allow you to clean it if necessary. Everything is said in the user manual (in English all the same).

Again, no need for additional investment. There is no need to buy a pop filter. The 3-layer device that comes with the SE Electronics DynaCaster already does all the work. Note also that to eliminate unwanted noise , you can also use the external windscreen. We'll see more details about the sound quality with and without this windshield later.

dynamic microphone SE Electronics DynaCaster
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Neumann U47 FET microphone test guide . It is an improved version of the old Neumann U47. This guide presents the complete test as well as opinions on this condenser microphone.

SE Electronics DynaCaster: its areas of application

The SE Electronics DynaCaster dynamic microphone has the advantage of being versatile. It can in fact be adapted to several sound sources: voice, musical instruments and amplifier.

The DynaCaster is very efficient when recording vocals . If you want to purchase a microphone for singing , this microphone would be a good deal. Depending on the tone of your voice, don't hesitate to use the two integrated equalizer switches.

Furthermore, this microphone will be useful during conversations on Skype. It can also be used for your YouTube videos. That said, if you are looking for a better gaming and streaming microphone , your best bet would be to go with USB microphones . Consider trying the Rode NT-USB or the Blue Yeti X.

Thanks to the integrated preamp (Dynamite), this microphone is also suitable for acoustic instruments. You can count on this device to effectively reproduce the sound of a guitar, a piano or even a drum.

SE Electronics DynaCaster


Note that the DynaCaster has a cardioid polar pattern like the Blue Spark SL . This means that the polar pattern of this mic has a heart shape. It therefore only captures sounds that come from the front.

Focus on the sound quality of the SE Electronics DynaCaster

Now for the sound quality test of the SE Electronics DynaCaster. By default, both control switches and Dynamite are disabled. Tested in this way for voice recording, the microphone produces a rather warm and intimate sound . This perfectly meets my expectations.

To activate the integrated preamp, phantom power is required. A gain of 30 Db is achieved and the sound becomes richer in treble .

The SE Electronics DynaCaster benefits from a wide frequency response . This is notably between 20 Hz and 19,000 Hz .

It has an impedance of 300 ohms without the Dynamite and 135 Ohms if you activate it. With the Dynamite, its sensitivity is -24 dB if you activate the preamp and -54 dB if it is deactivated.

The SE Electronics' ability to suppress unwanted noise is impressive. This result is undoubtedly linked to the quality of its aluminum voice coil . Furthermore, this can also be explained by the presence of the integrated 3-layer pop filter.

SE Electronics DynaCaster disassemble
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If you're looking for perfection, don't hesitate to use the external windshield that comes with the SE Electronics DynaCaster. It remarkably reduces plosives and unwanted background noise. You can clearly see the difference with and without the foam windshield.

Due to its cardioid polar pattern , the DynaCaster is particularly prone to proximity effect. Please note that this is a particularity that this type of microphone shares with microphones with a bidirectional polar pattern . This is particularly the case with the X1R, a ribbon microphone model from the SE Electronics brand.

For impeccable sound reproduction, remember to use the sensitivity of this type of microphone according to the tone of your voice. If you have a deep voice, don't bother getting too close to the microphone. On the other hand, if your voice is a little thin, don't hesitate to get closer to it when you sing.

Furthermore, the fact that the directivity of the DynaCaster is cardioid gives it another advantage. Among other things, it is capable of effectively isolating sources that we do not want to record .

SE Electronics DynaCaster


The technical characteristics of the SE Electronics DynaCaster

  • Microphone type: dynamic microphone
  • Directivity: cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz — 19 kHz
  • Microphone sensitivity: 2.0/60 mV/Pa ( -54/-24 dB )
  • Output impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Recommended load impedance: greater than 1000 Ohms
  • Low cut filter: Yes
  • Power type: 48V
  • Connector: XLR
  • Dimensions: 62 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 850g
SE Electronics DynaCaster unboxing
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Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,8 /5

Value for money

4,7 /5

Global mark

4,6 /5

Our opinion on the SE Electronics DynaCaster microphone

It's impossible not to fall under the spell of the SE Electronics DynaCaster with the sound it produces: precise and warm.

I particularly like its EQ switches on this microphone. They are very practical for considerably improving the quality of my recordings. When recording vocals, I activate the low-cut filter for breathtaking results.

The Dynacaster's switches also make it compatible with a multitude of sound sources: vocals, acoustic instruments (guitar, drums, piano, etc.). It can also be used for gaming or for Skype meetings for example.

And what about the integrated Dynamite? This is a feature that I find very useful for amplifying the signal from this dynamic mic. No need to buy a cloudfilter anymore.

As for the accessories that come with the DynaCaster, they also help me improve my recordings. Already, without the windscreen, the microphone is insensitive to plosives thanks to the integrated pop filter. Once the windshield is in place, the result is even more impressive.

To summarize our opinion on the SE Electronics DynaCaster, here are the pluses and minuses:

Most :

  • Exceptional sound quality (especially for vocals)
  • Wide range of applications
  • Multi-level tone control
  • Switchable integrated preamp
  • Affordable price

The lessers :

There's not much to complain about with the DynaCaster other than the fact that the switch position is difficult to read. But other than that, it's perfect.

In short, if you are looking for a good microphone to optimize the quality of your recordings, I recommend the DynaCaster. You will not be disappointed with its value for money.

SE Electronics DynaCaster Demo

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SE Electronics DynaCaster


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