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Rode USB Podcaster

Test & Review

There are different types of mics available on the market, including the Rode Podcaster USB. There are condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, and even condenser microphones. Are you looking for that rare gem to record your voice-overs or podcasts? Very effective, with unbeatable value for money, discover our complete test of the Rode Podcaster USB.

Rode Podcaster Full Review

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

Introducing the Rode USB Podcaster

The Rode Podcaster USB is a dynamic USB microphone with front pickup. This revolutionary product brings together all the elements necessary to make your podcast a very professional success. In fact, its use is very simple. And it is a concentrate of technical know- how combining softness and professional quality. Enough to offer you an exceptional result.

Furthermore, the main objective of the Rode Podcaster USB is to give a unique experience to listeners. This, while providing impeccable audio quality. To do this, Rode has designed a durable, easy-to-use, versatile microphone with excellent sound.

Rode Podcaster


Moreover, it is specially designed for voice recording. In addition, you can directly plug the dynamic studio microphone into your laptop or desktop via a USB port. As a dynamic microphone, it focuses on its main sound sources for a crisp, clear result.

This will not be the case with a condenser microphone . In addition, this microphone allows you freedom of movement . Indeed, the studio microphone displays very low sensitivity (background noise and ambient noise). This is also the main selling point of the Rode Podcaster USB.

Rode Podcaster Pack
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Design of the Rode USB Podcaster

The Rode Podcaster USB is very different from the small microphones on the market. The microphone actually displays great robustness, because it is partly made of metal, with a net weight of around 600 grams. With a fairly classic design, we do not find in it the oldschool look of the Blue Yeti microphone, a highly functional recording equipment for capturing and recording audio sounds.

This difference is also part of its charm. In any case, if it is present in a recording studio, it is certainly not for decoration. It is mainly chosen for recording vocals and above all because of its incomparable performance .

In addition to the resistance of the materials making it up, the microphone adapts perfectly to the microflexible boom of the Rode PSA1.

Rode Podcaster Two Colors
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In addition, a stainless steel mesh and an integrated pop filter protect the capsule of the Rode Podcaster USB. On the other hand, a single piece of metal constitutes the body of the case. As a result, the microphone has an elegant and sober finish.

A three-meter-long USB cable and a microphone stand clip with wire adapter accompany the product upon delivery. In addition, its design adapts well to laptops and desktops. But it can also be used on an iPad and on tablets.

Rode Podcaster White
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The Rode Podcaster, a dynamic USB microphone

On the one hand, a dynamic microphone is based on a simple electromagnetic principle. In other words, the system uses a coil and a magnet to generate an electric current. On the other hand, a USB microphone can connect directly to your PC via cable.

Rode Podcaster


Precisely, the Rode Podcaster combines these two functionalities: It is a dynamic USB microphone . But in addition, it has frontal capture. In other words, the Rode Podcaster USB accepts sounds coming from the “end” of the microphone.

In any case, these characteristics make it a suitable microphone for vocal sound recording (voice-over or podcast). Another advantage: it gives breathtaking results, even when not meeting optimal recording conditions.

Rode Procaster Black
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The microphone also stands out for its ease of use. It's completely plug and play: you don't need an external audio interface. It is therefore possible to use the Rode Podcaster (see the condenser model) on any support with a USB port. This is a very big advantage of the microphone, because you no longer have to invest in expensive equipment to be able to use it correctly.

Certainly, recording vocals with the Rode Podcaster USB will be a guaranteed pleasure. It is designed to pick up sounds/voices mainly. In fact, recording voice becomes child's play with this model. Also, with a USB connection as an external power supply, professionals and amateurs quickly adopted it.

Rode Podcaster Usb Microphone Port 1
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Basically, to use the mic you just need to pick up the mic and place it correctly. Then, after a quick setup, the sound recording can begin. With the Rode Podcaster USB, you don't have to worry about noise or feedback.

Furthermore, the Rode Podcaster USB is a microphone suitable for studio recording. To do this, you must place yourself in front of the microphone and begin the various adjustments to obtain a satisfactory result. Among other things, analysis of its frequency curve shows perfect control of the treble. Equipped with a Rode USB Podcaster, your various recordings will be of significantly better quality.

Rode Podcaster Usb packaging
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Technical specifications of the Rode Podcaster USB

  • Dynamic capsule (neodymium) 28 mm
  • 18-bit resolution, 8 kHz to 48 kHz sampling
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Powered by USB port
  • Comes with a suspension and a three meter USB cable
  • Acoustic principle: dynamic (neodymium) 28 mm
  • Active electronics: Analog signal + A/D and USB interface
  • Polar curve: cardioid
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz — 14 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -51 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 115 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio > 78 dB
  • Analog output I/F: Headphone output for monitoring. 150 mW at 32 Ohms.
Rode Podcaster


  • Adjustable output level
  • Digital output interface: USB
  • Resolution: 18 bits
  • I/F audio control: AC97
  • Powered by USB port
  • Net weight: 610g 
  • Gross weight: 1025 g
  • Dimensions: 215mm x 56mm x 52mm
Rode Podcaster in studio
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Rode Podcaster Main Features

It is a microphone with a 1” diaphragm. Generally, the size of the diaphragms is much smaller. But it's this unusual size that will contribute to the sound quality of the Rode Podcaster USB.

Rode Podcaster


Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, the Rode Podcaster USB will focus all its attention towards the sound source placed in front. It is also a front pickup microphone. So for optimal results, it is better to speak directly up and as close to the microphone as possible.

This will give you an intimate radio voice. Even with lips pressed against the microphone, the quality of the sound produced remains intact. As a cardioid microphone, it rejects background noise for a very professional sound.

Podcaster Pack
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Furthermore, this professional recording equipment is very accessible to the general public. Also, whether you are an amateur, professional or beginner, the Rode Podcaster USB is made for you. Designed to capture your voice, it is insensitive to ambient noise. You can take notes or fiddle with your computer without having to worry about the sound quality produced. You will not find these qualities in a condenser microphone.

In addition, the Rode Podcaster features a dynamic neodymium . It therefore controls all handling noise and vibrations very well. And even if you accidentally kick the mic stand, it won't affect the quality of your recordings.

Rode Podcaster


For a natural rendering and an accentuated proximity effect, the microphone incorporates an anti-pop filter. Another plus, this type of microphone does not require the additional use of a windshield, or an anti-pop filter. Mainly a studio microphone, the Rode Podcaster is equipped with a headphone jack (3.5 millimeter jack).

So, during your recordings, this microphone offers the possibility of listening at the same time. You can also adjust the microphone volume through the audio device settings in Windows or iOs. This makes it the essential tool for your Podcasts and your voice-overs.

Rode Podcaster
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Why choose the Rode Podcaster?

The Rode Podcaster USB is one of the technological innovations suitable for all types of users. It is a dynamic cardioid microphone that is very effective in filtering out unwanted noise. Indeed, its directivity and large membrane make it the best USB microphone of choice for podcasters around the world.

Rode Podcaster


Whether for your home studio or for a professional studio, the Rode Podcaster will easily find its place. When designing it, specialists mainly took into account the problems that users of the microphone may encounter.

Among others, we can cite the inconveniences linked to background noise, parasites, feedback, vibrations during handling, etc. In short, the design of the product is based on problem solving in order to obtain a crisp, clear sound. and warm.

Rode Podecaster Packaging
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To do this, the engineers started by providing the microphone with an analog A/D signal and a typical USB interface. In fact, the goal is to make using the microphone as easy as possible. All you have to do is plug a microphone into a laptop and start recording. The microphone can be used on almost all operating systems: Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

The Rode Podcaster USB can also be called a headset microphone. In fact, the microphone includes a mini-jack output that can accommodate any type of headset. It is therefore possible to record and hear your voice at the same time. Rode specialists have also reduced the sensitivity of the microphone for a better vocal result. As a result, the microphone focuses only on the sound source it is aimed at.

Rode USB Podcaster with Stand
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As a professional microphone, you don't have to worry about the result. Because the sound produced is of excellent quality . No need to look for a driver, the microphone will install it once plugged in. Moreover, it does not need very sophisticated equipment to function correctly. A simple interface will do the job very well.

Rode Podcaster


In summary, the most important points to know about the Rode Podcaster are the following:

  • Even beginners can use this professional microphone.
  • In low frequencies or in the treble, it produces a controlled sound.
  • The microphone does not need to go through an amplifier for satisfactory results.
  • Very easy to use, it is a plug and play microphone thanks to its USB function.
  • You can adjust the sound directly from your computer interface.
  • It incorporates an anti-shock and an anti-pop filter, so the use of a windshield is no longer essential.

The qualities of this microphone are countless. And its characteristics make it the essential tool for producing your podcasts or recording your YouTube videos. It is also the most widely used equipment for broadcasting.

Rode Podcaster Usb Microphone 1
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My assessment of the Rode Podcaster

The Rode Podcaster is a dynamic studio microphone with a USB output. Very easy to use, professional equipment also finds its place in a homestudio. Its frequency response curve also gives it balanced and precise vocal recordings. Compared to its competitors (the Blue Yeti for example), it offers incomparable sound quality.

Rode Podcaster


FYI, some condenser microphones are known for vocal recordings. But compared to the Rode Podcaster USB, the result obtained remains standard. Indeed, specific characteristics of the Rode Podcaster allow it to compete with the most notable in its range. For example, we can cite microphones from the Neumann brand.

Like the Neumann TLM 193 condenser microphone, the Rode Podcaster USB is a dynamic cardioid microphone with front pickup. It has a large membrane and an anti-pop filter. Precisely, these characteristics contribute greatly to the sound quality of the microphone. The sound is definitely compact, powerful, clear, intelligible and natural. In terms of background noise, the Rode Podcaster is very quiet. Its cardioid directivity perfectly isolates all unwanted noise.

Rode Simple Podcaster
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To function, the microphone does not need phantom power, as it is a micro USB. That is, it connects directly to your computer via a USB cable. Once the microphone is plugged in, it automatically installs its driver. You can then start using it and take full advantage of its capabilities.

For your podcasts, this is essential equipment. You don't need a phantom power supply or a state-of-the-art mixer to process audio. All you need is a mixing interface and that's it.

Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,0 /5

Value for money

4,8 /5

Global mark

4,5 /5

Our opinion on the Rode Podcaster

The Rode Podcaster USB is a robust microphone, concentrating in itself all your needs for your sound recording. Moreover, the result obtained is very satisfactory, while the sound produced is crystal clear with a pronounced proximity effect.

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