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Superlux E205U

Test & Review

Do you want to equip your home studio or professional studio with quality recording equipment, but which is more economical compared to the prices of other high-end USB microphones? Why not opt ​​for the Superlux E205U microphone? It is a USB condenser microphone that features a supercardioid polar pattern. Discover our test as well as our opinion on this microphone from Superlux.

Superlux E205U microphone test and review

🎤 by Kevin Jung

Summary of the Test 👇

USB microphones are popular for their ease of use . No need for phantom power or complex installation to make them work. Simply connect the device to a computer and you're done. Not everyone has the means to afford a high-end USB microphone like the famous Blue Yeti or the iconic Rode NT USB .

Fortunately for amateur singers, streamers and gamers, there are more economical solutions quality recording equipment . The Superlux E205U USB condenser microphone is one of them.

Through this article, discover the complete test of the Superlux E205U microphone. Let's review its technical characteristics, its sound quality, its manufacturing quality as well as the accessories that accompany it. We also give you our opinion on this large diaphragm USB microphone.

Superlux E205U with accessories
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Superlux E205U Microphone Overview

Just like the Presonus Revelator and Blue Yeti Nano, the Superlux E205U belongs to the family of USB-powered condenser studio microphones As such, this model benefits from the Plug & Play system .

In fact, to use this microphone, no external power supply is required. Besides, you won't need an external sound card or third-party software. To make it work, you simply plug the USB cable included in the box into the USB port on your PC or tablet.

This USB micro is compatible with Windows (from version XP to version 10) and all versions of Mac OSX . No driver required to start using it.

What accessories come with the Superlux E205U?

The E205U studio microphone doesn't come alone. The box also contains some practical accessories, among others:

  • A USB type B cable to connect the microphone to a computer
  • A mini tripod to stabilize the microphone on a table in order to record sound in the best conditions
  • A 5/8 inch to 3/8 inch thread adapter for easy mic clip mounting
  • A soft leather bag to store the microphone during periods without recording
  • A user manual
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Superlux E205U


The design quality of the Superlux E205U USB microphone

The build quality of the Superlux E205U is just exceptional. With its silver metal case, the design of the Superlux E205U is a real feast for the eyes. The mesh grill looks pretty sturdy.

On the back of the microphone, there is a 3.5mm jack for connecting studio headphones or earphones. You can adjust the output level of your headphones directly on the microphone. Indeed, its front panel has a volume adjustment button.

To mount the mic on the included tripod or other stand, simply plug it into the bottom of the mic.

The E205U is slightly heavier than the E205 (an XLR mic from Superlux). In fact, these two models weigh 422 g and 400 g . With its 156 mm height and 55 m diameter , this USB condenser microphone is also more imposing.

The audio processing technology of the Superlux E205U

The E205U microphone is a USB electret condenser microphone . Its operating principle is quite similar to that of classic microphones except for a few details. The difference is particularly found in the magnetic field between the diaphragm and the back plate .

So-called “true condenser” microphones all need an external power supply to operate. Most models require a 48 V phantom power supply, like that produced by a mixing desk. As for electret condenser microphones , their diaphragm is equipped with a magnetic layer which gives them permanent polarization.

Compared to a dynamic microphone, an electret condenser mic displays higher sensitivity to handling noise. Thus, the latter is able to reproduce sounds with more detail.

Superlux E205U microphone review
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Also, unlike a dynamic microphone, the diaphragm of a condenser microphone is not attached to a voice coil. As such, this type of microphone offers a much wider frequency response . Moreover, the Superlux E205U records sound waves that pass in the frequency range of 30 Hz to 18,000 Hz .

Most USB microphones have a cardioid polar pattern . Thus, they reject sound sources that come from the rear. Indeed, this type of polar pattern allows the microphone to pick up sounds coming from the front . As for the sound sources on the sides, these are attenuated.

The Superlux E205 USB microphone has a supercardioid polar pattern . This is none other than a variation of the cardioid directivity. Indeed, a supercardioid microphone is also designed to capture sounds in front of it. However, it offers a narrower catchment area. This is why it has a great capacity to isolate sounds coming from the sides. On the other hand, it does not completely reject sounds coming from the rear.

Application areas of the Superlux E205U

Here are some examples of use of the Superlux E205U:

  • Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Podcasting
  • Recording a singer's voice
  • Voice off
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Communication on Zoom or Skype
  • Sound recording of acoustic instruments
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Superlux E205U


You will have understood : it is a versatile microphone , but it is mainly used for sound recording at home or in the studio.

That said, if you are looking for a microphone to use on stage, you will find what you are looking for with a dynamic microphone . Opt for example for the Shure SM58 which is renowned for its ability to capture the main sound source while attenuating background noise.

To optimize the sound reproduction of the E205U, you must position the microphone correctly. Since this model has a supercardioid polar pattern, the ideal would be to place the source to be captured in front of it.

Note that this Superlux brand microphone does not allow you to capture the ambiance of a room equally in all directions. In this context, use an omnidirectional microphone . really want to get a plug and play model, opt for the Blue Yeti X. This USB microphone indeed displays 3 different polar patterns including omnidirectional directivity.

So, using this Blue model, you can change the sensitivity of the microphone whenever you want by just pressing the switch dedicated for this purpose. On the other hand, in terms of price, you must plan a larger budget to obtain this microphone and thus benefit from this functionality.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that the Superlux E205U is specially dedicated to recording the vocals of a single singer . If you want to record a duo of singers, consider purchasing a bidirectional microphone ( directivity in figure 8 ). Indeed, due to the design of their capsule, this type of microphone is capable of capturing sounds located in front and behind the microphone.

Most ribbon microphones feature two-way polar pattern. These include the Superlux R102 microphone , the MXL R144 and the Beyerdynamic M130.

Superlux E205U packaging
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Zoom on the sound quality of the Superlux E205U

Overall, the Superlux E205U produces interesting sound . We can't complain about what it offers in terms of sound quality. In particular, it delivers clear and detailed sound, which makes this microphone a model suitable for vocal recordings in the studio .

large diaphragm condenser microphone can withstand a sound pressure level of up to 135 dB . You can therefore scream into the microphone without risking distortion.

It has a sampling rate of 16-bit/48kHz . Its sensitivity is -38 dB . This parameter determines in particular its ability to convert an acoustic signal into an electrical signal .

Please note that this microphone remains sensitive to the proximity effect . It must be said that this is a characteristic that it shares with most large diaphragm condenser supercardioid microphones.

To optimize sound quality, do not hesitate to play with its sensitivity to the proximity effect. If you want to attenuate low frequencies , consider moving a little away from the mic. Conversely, to accentuate the bass , do not hesitate to move closer to it when recording vocals.

Also consider using a pop filter if you plan to use this microphone to record vocals. This device will indeed help you eliminate plosives.

Superlux E205U-purchase
Superlux E205U


The technical characteristics of the Superlux E205U

  • Microphone Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser USB Mic
  • Directivity: supercardioid
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 135 dB
  • Sampling frequency: 16 bit/48 kHz
  • Adjustable headphone output
  • Dimensions: 55mm x 156mm
  • Weight: 422g
  • Accessories included: USB cable, tripod mount, thread adapter, storage case
Superlux E205U USB Microphone
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Superlux E205U-purchase
Our Overall Opinion

Overall Sound Quality

4,7 /5

Value for money

4,9 /5

Global mark

4,8 /5

Our opinion on the Superlux E205U microphone

With its silver casing, the Superlux E205U has an elegant look. Its design is quite similar to that of high-end microphones. As such, in terms of appearance, we can only appreciate it.

When it comes to sound quality, again, this model impresses us. Despite being an inexpensive microphone model, it delivers excellent sound reproduction. Its performance is still far from what a high-end microphone from Neumann offers. But for home studio use, it does its job.

Compared to the E205, the E205U is easier to use. No need for phantom power to make it work. Simply connect the USB cable supplied with the microphone to a computer to start recording. The plug & play system is ideal for beginners.

Another advantage of the Superlux E205U: its versatility. This USB microphone is not only aimed at YouTubers, gamers or streamers. Amateur musicians and singers will also be delighted to welcome this microphone into their recording studio. Indeed, it performs well when recording vocals and some musical instruments (acoustic guitar and flute in particular).

We also like that it's possible to plug headphones or headphones into this mic. In addition, it has a volume adjustment accessible directly on its front panel.

And what about the accessories delivered with the E205U? A long USB cable, a tripod support, a thread adapter: everything is there to make studio recordings in optimal conditions. The mic is packaged in a leather bag adorned with the Superlux logo. An accessory which will be useful in particular to protect the device when traveling.

Most :

  • Excellent value
  • Good sound quality
  • Plug & Play system
  • Headphone output with volume control
  • Several accessories included in the box

The lessers :

  • Lower quality of thread adapter

Our verdict: The Superlux E250U is a large-membrane static USB microphone that keeps all its promises. At this price, it is rare to find a model that displays such manufacturing quality and delivers such great sound quality. Not to mention the practical accessories that go with the microphone. For these reasons, we can only recommend this microphone whether for studio or home recording.

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Superlux E205U